Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 33

How far along: 33 weeks

How big is baby: I've read the size of a jicama, or the weight of a dorian fruit, and I have decided that our grocery stores are not giving us enough produce options because I have no idea what either of those are

Best moment of the week: Getting to be part of the interview process for my mat leave replacement. I feel for our HR department -- there are 7 of us going on mat leave within weeks of each other. Why, yes, it was the coldest winter on record since 1898... why do you ask?

Food cravings: All things sweet. And of course, I ran out of watermelon, strawberries and raspberries -- the "treats" I allow myself -- before the weekend started. Fortunately, I happened upon a sale on cherries... all is now good in the world.

Symptoms: Oh my goodness the migraines. I know that they are VERY short lived in the grand scheme of things, especially now that I know the warning signs and how to treat them (See fuzzies. Take 2 Tylenol. Drink as much water and eat whatever food seems palatable. Take a walk. 30 minutes later I'm "fine"... but fully expect to spend the evening sleeping on the couch). But, knock on wood, it's been a record number of days since the last one, so maybe I'm doing something right!

Gender: In fetus form, definitely male. But when I think that this fetus will be a baby in the next 5-9 weeks, I picture a girl. 

What I’m looking forward to: We have a busy couple of weekends coming up, with out of town family and friends visiting, and also giving our in town family and friends an excuse to visit as well.

What I miss: Being allowed to smile without social commentary. I can't really complain about this one too much but I feel definitely weird because this week everyone is commenting: "Oh wow, you must be doing well! You're so smiley!" I've always been smiley. Even when I'm having a bad day, I know how to put a smile on, so I'm weirded out when people suddenly expect this huge personality alteration to take place. That being said, I am rocking the third trimester. Everyone told me that the 2nd trimester was the best, but honestly, I'm not minding the third. It's got it's challenges -- like some maternity clothes no longer fitting, the heartburn, the ease with which I tire -- but I've finally figured out my limits, and why it's important to stick with them. 

Husband perspective: (on the doctor suggesting this kid is on schedule to be born on time or possibly early) "Our kid will be George Michael punctual, amazing on the wood block!" (Context)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week 32

How far along: 32 weeks

How big is baby: the ever trendy length of kale. Also, in the words of my doctor, I'm "Super Pregnant" because the kid is now measuring back on track. 6 weeks of growth in 3 weeks isn't necessarily a super power I want to keep using though...

Best moment of the week: Super productive Saturday. 

Food cravings: All things sweet. After waking up with a migraine following a day of terrible eating (it's not eating ice cream TWICE if one time it was technically frozen yogurt...), we decided to cut out the treats. If I'm hungry enough to eat, I'm hungry enough to eat something with nutritional value. 

Symptoms: Sleep is a bit of an issue. Heartburn seems to be on and off. Other than a massive migraine on Sunday, a pretty good week.

Gender: Girl. Yup, every 8 weeks I change my mind.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting the nursery set up. As you can see, my mom was in and painted for us (I let Scott paint pictures, not walls. He lets me paint walls, but not use a ladder. We needed to bring in outside help for this one), so that's one giant step accomplished... thanks Mom :)

What I miss: Using ladders? No. I have no regrets about not being the one to paint that room. I miss some of my pretty shoes that I've decided just to not let myself wear.

Husband perspective: I have nothing new to say (as he frantically tries to play through all his 3DS games in the remaining 8-10 weeks)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 31

How far along: 31 weeks

How big is baby: Apparently pineapple? Don't know if that's weight or height, or if it includes the green spike-ys or what. 

Best moment of the week: I kind of feel like Scott would be upset if I didn't say our anniversary. Granted, I'm writing this up a little early so we can actually celebrate our anniversary, but if I say it will be good, it will be good, right? 

Food cravings: Nothing crazy. I want Pizza Pops but who doesn't immediately want to dig into a box when they buy it?

Symptoms: The heat is getting to me. Especially since our air conditioner died Friday night. We hit about 40 / 104 degrees on Saturday, factoring in humidity. I suddenly understand where the term "Melt Down" came from. Fortunately, the a/c was fixed by Monday evening. Phew. 

Gender: Starting to feel that swing toward a girl... yup... it's been almost 8 weeks at boy...

What I’m looking forward to: Doctor's appointment on Thursday. It's sad that I consider going to the doctor almost akin to vacation, but at this time of year, I'm run off my feet. 

What I miss: The treadmill. After weeks of going to the gym at lunch, having my hips seize up partway through the afternoon, and being a lump of potato on the couch, I decided maybe I shouldn't be running a mile on a treadmill at 7 months pregnant. I switched over to the AMT (adaptive motion trainer), and while it is a closely related cousin to the elliptical, I was at least pleasantly surprised at how challenging of a work out it was, and then surprised again the next day when I still had full use of my body. Hmmm maybe I should have made the switch much earlier.... Now there's only one AMT at our gym so we'll see if I keep lucking out and getting it. But running? Running still has my heart....

Husband perspective: The baby scared me this morning. I went to hug you good morning, and it high-fived me. It was weird. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Week 30

How far along: 30 weeks

How big is baby: Some say cucumber. Others say butternut squash. I say "Hey, we've had both of those before" 

Best moment of the week: It was one of those weeks where I was able to get A LOT accomplished at work

Food cravings: Cherries, but apparently that's just a summer symptom!

Symptoms: oh my goodness the inability to sleep. And my belly button hurts. Still an "innie" but at this point, I'd take an "outie" if it means less searing pain. Oh, and having some torn muscles / ligaments from dashing madly about in the rain in inappropriate shoes. 

Gender: Mostly boy. 

What I’m looking forward to: Yoga tonight. Hopefully, that will help both the sleep and the sore body (but maybe not the belly button)

What I miss: the ability to move my body. 

Husband perspective: The baby seems shy around me, because he knows I want to flash a flashlight at him (and because he has a tendency to stop wiggling around whenever Scott's in the room). 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

29 Weeks

How far along: 29 weeks

How big is baby: Actually growing! I mean, not that obsessively measuring... but he definitely hit a growth spurt mid-week. Of course a coworker had to comment on it: "Oh wow! The alien sure spread overnight!" Yup. Spread. She sure knows how to make a pregnant woman feel attractive.  But ya, I've run out of vegetable comparisons

Best moment of the week: When my almost 2 year old nephew was lounging on me, and Minkus kicked him in the back, so he turned around and patted the baby. I tried to explain that his cousin was in there, but he was very clear that he knew his cousins (he then listed them), and then patted it again and said "soup" which is what he had been eating for supper. Everyone's got something to say about the belly....

Food cravings: Nothing specific this week. I'm still on a fruit / vegetable kick. 

Symptoms: One night, back pain woke me up, and there's the occasional day of heartburn, oh and the killer migraine (but that was more stress-related) but overall, I'm settling into this whole pregnant thing. I've decided pregnancy is like a road trip where you're excited for it to happen, excited for the first 1/2 hour, and then you realize how long it's going to take, and how uncomfortable it is, and then eventually you just sort of settle into it and it's fine. 

Gender: Still predominantly boy, but I'm getting waves of girl. I told my sister when she was pregnant with her first, that I was going to refer to her kid as a boy before "he" was born, and then "she" would be female once she was born. Starting to feel that way with this kid (of mine, not hers. I'm with her daughter on this... her third is a kitten). 

What I’m looking forward to: Buying a frigging stroller. The search has NOT been fun, and I just want to win at it. 

What I miss: Having a good day at the gym and being able to enjoy it. I had a particularly good run one day, but the comments of people I ran into on the way in and way out of the gym pretty much ruined it. I have taken ample precautions -- not running alone, reducing my speed, monitoring my heart rate, keeping myself hydrated, walking at the slightest suggestion of discomfort -- but the simple idea of a pregnant woman not having her ass firmly parked on the couch? That's outrageous! 

Husband perspective: 
Scott: can I get you something?
Cara: Aw, thanks! Milk. Lots of milk. Apparently, we're at the stage where the kid's bones are going from soft to hard.

Scott: like a taco?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks

How big is baby: According to the internet, 14"... which is the size of screen I'm typing on right now. That might explain why my stomach is starting to feel very cramped. Then again, the doctor told me yesterday Minkus (as we are calling him this week) is measuring a little scary small, and I'm torn between chanting "grow grow grow" to my belly, and thinking "seriously? He's supposed to get bigger than this?"

Best moment of the week: I think we had a really great Father's day. Right, Scott? Even with my lackluster lemon chicken? And my "ooops! I forgot! And didn't follow the recipe apple crisp?" It's all about keeping the bar low. 

Food cravings: ALL OF THE FRUIT! With Minkus being a bit of a shrimp, lots of nutrient rich foods will likely do him good, so I'll be indulging in this craving. 

Symptoms: Crazy dreams. Like wake Scott up in the middle of the night to comfort me crazy. 

Gender: Despite dreams of having a girl (named Kate, after the Ben Folds Five song, who I then abandon minutes after birth), we're using primarily the male pronoun. 

What I’m looking forward to: Getting a LOT done next weekend. Hee hee... poor Scott. He doesn't know this yet. 

What I miss: Energy levels are falling off again. It's likely because it's been a crazy week at work. We have three major "happenings" in June, and usually they are spread out. This time, they all kind of fell right at the same time and in very close proximity to needing time off for doctor's appointments and blood tests (when this post goes live, I'll be doing my glucose tolerance test... yay?). 

Husband perspective: So the kid is no longer covered in werewolf hair? Where did it go? Are you peeing it out?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 27

How far along: 27 weeks. Either the first week of my third trimester, or as I prefer, the last week of second trimester. 

How big is baby: I believe I read the cucumber in length now? I'm too tired to look it up. 

Best moment of the week: It's been a busy week... we set up the crib, took an extended weekend trip down to the States for shopping, got to meet the one and only Beth (who is the exactly as sweet and friendly as she is on the internet. We both forgot to take pictures, landing us in the territory of "bad bloggers" but perhaps that lands us in the territory of "friends"), and as I'm posting this, we just came back from a musical tribute to Scott's late boss which exposed the baby's embryonic ears to swing, blues and funk. As exhausting as it all was, it was great to still feel like I can do a lot. 

Food cravings: We're on the post-road trip hang over, where all I want is vegetables, and then the minute they are in front of me, I just want candy. I forgot how addicting Spree (not available in Canada) is. 

Symptoms: Swelling. Turns out 7 hours in a car thinking "I'm hydrating fairly well, right?" generally means not being able to slip my rings off before getting into the hotel pool. Fortunately, huge amounts of water and a lot of walking helped. Then again, two days of walking around shopping centres did a number on my hips and knees. Also, I have officially seen every bathroom at the Albertville Premium Outlets, and the Mall of America. Including the swanky MOA bathroom hidden on the second floor (I seriously stole some of the paper towel because it was so impressively thick). 

Gender: Boy. Possibly because we agreed to buy one "boy" outfit and one "girl" outfit, and the "boy" one is crazy adorable (fortunately, the kid will end up wearing both because, really, how is "racoon" a "boy" thing and "mouse" a "girl" thing? Friggin' Adorable transcends gender constructs). 

What I’m looking forward to: Getting back to routine. I'm not a great traveller (I may have been so anxious to get home that I blew through Fargo, our scheduled stop. Sadly, we needed to fill up with gas in Grand Forks, so Scott insisted we eat). I like a steady schedule, where I know what to expect, and if there are unexpected circumstances I can simply adapt as needed. When I don't have a routine, and there are unexpected circumstances... oy. 

What I miss: Hot tubs. I'll fully admit to dangling my feet into the warm, bubbling water. 

Husband perspective: [The trip] was an interesting taste of life to come, because we did have some of the hassle of having a kid (because Cara had to pee all the time, and because she was always in pain), but there was a burst of cute from the baby pant’s store. That's what they're called, right? You can re-arrange these words to make them a sentence, right?