Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 20

How far along: 20 weeks

How big is baby: the size of a banana

Best moment of the week: how massively happy the baby was (I assume squirms and kicks are signs of happiness) to get back home after a weekend away. I hear ya, baby!

Food cravings: Over the weekend: ham (which I got to eat plenty of... thanks Mom!) Now: fruit to counteract all the sodium.

Symptoms: Still the stupid nausea. And grumpiness. 

Gender: Girl, but possibly because "baby girl" is a shorter nickname than "the wee baby Seamus" (reference). Scott's been oscillating more than me. Yesterday it was a boy, today, it's a girl. 

What I’m looking forward to: All the awesome fresh produce we bought today. I am allowed one treat every time I go grocery shopping with Scott (yes, we resort to bribery in our house), and today, to compliment the mango for tomorrow's mango lime chicken, the spinach for smoothies, the strawberries for snacks, I went with a pear. 

What I miss: Taking compliments at face value. Now, a "you look so cute today" could mean "your belly is so cute" or "your outfit is so cute" or "you look cute despite your belly" or even "your outfit isn't entirely appropriate for the situation but you can get away with it because you're pregnant". Yes, I miss my slightly less paranoid point of view. 

Husband perspective: Banana? It's more like a boomerang, and I can handle that. But when it gets spaghetti squash? Man, that thing has mass!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Somethings just don't work

I hit the bathroom at least 4 times during a work day, particularly if I'm going to the gym (even if I go RIGHT before I jump on a treadmill, the kid still manages to jump up and down all over that bladder... blergh).

This outfit was just too much work for that.

Tank top.

Half gets pulled up, half gets pulled down, and then reverse seconds later.

And then yank, yank, yank, yank, to keep it from riding up when you walk back to the office

Sure, the skirt will stretch well over the next 20 or so weeks, and it's the only one that I have in this shape, I just can't handle it's high maintenance attitude.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Week 19

How far along: 19 weeks pregnant

How big is baby: Mango. Apparently that's bigger than a sweet potato? My local grocery store produce section begs to differ. Maybe heavier?

Best moment of the week: It's been a boring week. The wee one was pretty active Friday which was fun, but very distracting when sitting in a performance review. Oh, and dancing up a storm to the Backstreet Boys as I was typing this up

Food cravings: This kid wanted coffee this week. I've never really picked up the coffee habit, so that was a weird one.

Symptoms: Some random nausea was back. That was unexpected and very lame.

Gender: Still girl. Maybe because my blog world hasn't had a baby boy since Oliver. And there have been a lot of babies in the last few months!

What I’m looking forward to: a long weekend! (Not that we're going to get anything accomplished)

What I miss: the ability to DO stuff. We discovered our basement shower has a couple leaks that the previous owners ignored and so we have mould. Normally, discovering this on a Saturday afternoon would have meant spending the rest of the weekend demo-ing the wall. Instead, it meant arranging for a weekend for me to move in with my sister so Scott can demo the wall.

Husband perspective: We're having a baby! And we're going to call her hopscotch! And we're going to play Legos!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tunic or Dress

I can't tell if this is a dress or tunic. I just know I like it. And so, while I usually thinking "tunic and leggings" are weekend and "dress and tights" are work, I'm going with "whatever, you can't tell a pregnant woman what to wear. Just be happy she's out of her pajamas".

Granted, either option contains the same two pieces, and since both cover my butt, I don't think anyone would complain.

So anyway, this dress reminds me of Star Trek. Never watched the show, but I assume someone wears grey and yellow?

Thursday, April 10, 2014


My goal for 2014 is to take some "Me Time".

The true motivation for this was advice from a friend who said to ensure that once the baby comes, and I've begun to adapt to the new routine, to take the time and hand off the kid to the father, the grandparents or even the babysitter if necessary and indulge in a hobby, that is, to do something that is just for me.

To be honest, this advice wasn't directed at me at the time, but I felt an ice cold hand on my heart when I heard it. There was nothing that I could think of that I do "just for me". As a result, this blog became my default activity: the one thing that was mine.

But that's not how blogging works. Blogging is aimed at engagement. Whether it's through dynamic content, meaningful relationships, or "must follow" social media, it's about creating a community. As much as a blog is a powerful tool for introverts (we get to meet our social interaction quotas by carefully editing and selecting what parts of ourselves we are willing to display), it's not "just for me". Sure, there are some people who are able to create engaging content about their hobbies, but in those cases, blogging is just an extension of their passion, not the passion itself.

I've spent the last three months researching hobbies and passions. I've read the theories that men have more success in hobbies than women, because women are unable to focus single-mindedly on a task, and as such are more likely to toss off their prospective hobby in favour of a productive chore. I've followed the advice that your hobby should be derived from an activity you undertook as a child between the ages of 11 and 17. I've done the quizzes. And yet every night, I find myself in front of some mindless television, browsing the internet for something "me," all the while thinking "I should write that next blog post" or "I should go comment on the blogs I read"

Rather than searching, I'm going to focus on doing. I'm casting a wide net, and that will be time consuming (especially since I'd like to have something before September). But time has to come from somewhere. Since I'm trying to work back up to what I SHOULD be doing around the house, I still have to work a full-day, and heaven help you if you get between me and my 9 hours in bed, it means I have to take the time from the blog.

I'll have a few pre-written posts and I'll try to keep up with my Wednesday posts, so I won't drop off of the face of the world. I'm not really gone, but I just won't really be here for a while. Let's hope when I come back, it's because I've found a thing or two that makes me feel "me" for "me".

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 18

How far along: 18 weeks pregnant

How big is baby: Sweet potato (interesting, I was craving sweet potato fries earlier this week)

Best moment of the week: Saturday was pretty great: productive morning, epic afternoon nap, and date night to see The Lego Movie. If it wasn't for the crappy night sleep that followed....

Food cravings: Those are dying down, it seems. 

Symptoms: Round ligament pain and heartburn top the charts this week.  

Gender: Still girl, but less emphatically. 

What I’m looking forward to: Can this also go under "most apprehensive about"? We're planning on hitting up some baby stores this weekend to see cribs etc. 

What I miss: Mimosas. 

Husband perspective: The baby is rather rude and should stop beating Cara up. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keeping myself from going dotty

As much as we look back at our lives from before we were adults and thinking "I would love to be free of all that responsibility again", you couldn't pay me enough to go back to high school.

And yet, the other day as I was waiting for the bus overhearing the conversation of some high school girls, I realized:

Pregnancy is a lot like puberty. The mood swings. The acne. The body hair. 

It's really no wonder something as simple as getting dressed is DRAMA! It's like the body I've just finally learned to dress is changing on me once again. And by changing, I don't mean gradually. I don't mean growing. I mean constantly influx. Coworkers are thrilled to see a big firm belly one day, and confused by a soft flat one the next. Add to that the fact that I'm all over the emotional map, a really good question I have to ask myself in the morning is: "Who am I dressing today?"

I've learned planning outfits is no longer a time saver. While it's still a great way to trick my brain into falling asleep, unless it's 6 am when that happens, I have no idea if I'll be too big to fit into those pants, or whether I'm too small for that dress. 

Instead, I give myself two tries in the workday morning (the second only if the first fails), and only one on a weekend. I know trying outfit after outfit after outfit each morning is not necessarily bring me closer to finding out how to dress this body all that much faster, and why put myself through that frustration?