Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve in Three (of Four) Outfits!

Christmas Eve is starting to become the BIG night for the Edge family - though some glitches need to be ironed out... like cars not hemorrhaging tranny fluid on the drive way, or skates still fitting after almost 20 some odd years, but for the most part, it's good clean fun. For bumming around the house, baking, and running the odd errand, I threw on my favourite dress of the summer - the green cotton one bought for my trip to Chicago. I layered it with a black cardigan and tights. Unbelievably comfy, yet still festive, as I discovered when I spin, the skirt flares out and I look like a Christmas tree.

The second outfit of the day was for skating. Off came the dress, and on came the jeans and a grey wrap sweater. I realize it's not the mostive festive combination, but for some reason, turtlenecks and sweater combinations always remind me of dancers. Unfortunately, the skates, which I wore in Grade 3, were just a tad bit small (actually, that's not unexagerating at all - they were huge on me then, and they're only about a size too small now), weren't quite as graceful as my mental pic of me. For the most part, it kept me warm... but then again, it was covered by a jacket, a scarf and a knitted hat!

And in our usual Christmas Eve Tradition, we took off for church following a fancy supper. While normally, I love me some wild mix of neutrals and colours for fancy outfits, I kind of like the understated palate for this outfit. The green seems to be a nice touch for a very clean white / tan look. I added a deep chocolate brown pair of stilleto pointed toe boots. You can't tell that well from this picture, but the skirt is a trumpet shape that dips down in the back, where it has a more exaggerated trumpet shape. It looks fabulously feminine when I walk. The white top - basically a fine knit white sweater wrap - not much to say. This wasn't my first choice of outfit - I had on a black cotton sweater dress, under a red/purple patterned sweater, with purple tights, but I just couldn't find the right shoes. Flats made it too casual, and heels just didn't jive with the casual nature of the dress. I tried a wedge, which worked perfectly, but they were the mary janes I wear all the time, so I decided to kick it up a notch. So yes, the outfit I did wear ended up being centred around the boots I couldn't quite manage to capture in the photograph. Alas, I'm working on my photography skills.

And just in case you didnt' think I'd worn enough outfits today - I added a fourth to see Scott's parents. I didn't photograph it, as I had made a quick change to get into it after church, and a quick change into my pajamas when I got home. However, take the top from the church outfit, and the bottoms from the skating outfit, and there you go!

I'm off to Winnipeg tomorrow. I'm actually kind of excited for what I'm bringing, so I'll take a few shots while I'm away. They tell me I'll be home by Saturday night, so I'll hopefully post then, for my whole loyal readerbase of... uh... I don't know if I even have one yet!

Merry Christmas!

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