Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Intro / First Post

I helped my boyfriend move into a new apartment a couple weeks ago and quickly realized he had an over abundance of clothing - a serious problem considering I couldn't fit into his closet, so obviously his collection of t-shirts would have to find a new home. As easy as it was for me to pare his wardrobe down to a manageable size, when I arrived home, I discovered I was equally guilty of overabundance as he was.

Around the same time, I stumbled across a blog very similar to my aim for this one: Kasmira's What I Wore Today. Now I don't know this person, but quickly added her fashionable blog to my morning list of "too-lazy-to-start-my-day" websites. While my closet, photography skills, and fashion sense are undoubtedly going to pale in comparison, it definitely proved to be an inspiration.

Combining my obsession with all things clothes and shoe related, and my necessity to keep my dresser drawers from overflowing, I present to you "Cara's Closet". It probably won't be all fashion-focused... I hope to incorporate elements of the former "Cara's Place" from MSN Spaces... but my goal is to take a critical look at what I wear, expand my fashion horizons, and by seeing my faux-pas (with your assistance), expand my shelf space by getting rid of the items that just don't work.

Hope you can at least get a kick out of my horrid photography!


I haven't quite figured out the time issue relating to the posting of the pics, so this is yesterday's outfit, since I'm still in my loverly pajamas, following a morning of intense... uh... laundry folding.

Yesterday's outfit took me to a Christmas lunch with friends, to an afternoon at work, to a Board of Directors meeting, to a staff meeting, and to a bit of "relaxation time" before it got too cold and uncomfortable for running errands in the evening.

I took a strapless black dress, which had been sitting in the back of my closet since my uncle's wedding in... oh oh... 2004? I layered it over a classic white button up dress shirt, and threw on a jean blazer with pink stitches.

I had picked up a couple pairs of grey tights, and was desperate to give them some exposure to daylight, and so I threw them on. In hindsight, I'm sure this wasn't their best debut - they seem to darken the lower half of the outfit.

My shoes - not pictured, which is rather strange for me, were simple black wedge Mary Janes.
Click to see details of pink stitching

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  1. I understand the problem of a closet full of too many clothes. Well, I did.

    My solution was moving to France. I didn't see a point in taking unwanted clothes from Ottawa to Manitoba, so I decided that if it wasn't coming to France, it was going away. Now that I'm in France, I can't afford clothing, and I'm wearing out a lot of my old stuff, because there's much less of it. By the time I leave, I expect to have a small wardrobe...and no money to expand it.


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