Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Presents

I forgot (or rather decided against) to do the whole picture of outfits at Christmas thing, and instead, decided to throw on all the clothing related stuff I got for Christmas (minus the hiking socks, and the navy tights) all at once and take a picture. And here you are! Not the most coordinated outfit, but it seems to almost work (ignoring the tags and the belly)

The skirt is from Deb & Jordan. Apparently J actually picked this one out, which is rather impressive, because it hits all my style favourites - seaming, tweed and feminine details.

The shirt they got to match (picked by Deb), didn't quite work (I'm not sure whether my armpits are too skinny or whether the baggy pit is in), so instead, I picked up the men's wear inspired vest. What caught me initially was the pinstriping (black and grey with almost a silver thread), but I soon fell in love with the suspender style back. I almost can't wait for work on Monday to wear it!

And finally, I got the pink Italian Merino Wool cardigan (The Gap) from my grandparents. I love layering at work, because it's so cold there, but found that I was doing a lot of black on black, so a coloured cardigan is perfect for adding a punch of colour. It's far too light weight to be worn over the heavier vest (see the uneven drape in the top picture), but it will be great over lighter pieces, and under jackets! I love the fabric covered buttons... pink plastic would have looked too cheap on this ultra fine knit sweater!

My birthday is coming, and already I've got some birthday cash burning a hole in my wallet, so I think I'll treat myself to a shopping spree one of these days, and pick up some shoes!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve in Three (of Four) Outfits!

Christmas Eve is starting to become the BIG night for the Edge family - though some glitches need to be ironed out... like cars not hemorrhaging tranny fluid on the drive way, or skates still fitting after almost 20 some odd years, but for the most part, it's good clean fun. For bumming around the house, baking, and running the odd errand, I threw on my favourite dress of the summer - the green cotton one bought for my trip to Chicago. I layered it with a black cardigan and tights. Unbelievably comfy, yet still festive, as I discovered when I spin, the skirt flares out and I look like a Christmas tree.

The second outfit of the day was for skating. Off came the dress, and on came the jeans and a grey wrap sweater. I realize it's not the mostive festive combination, but for some reason, turtlenecks and sweater combinations always remind me of dancers. Unfortunately, the skates, which I wore in Grade 3, were just a tad bit small (actually, that's not unexagerating at all - they were huge on me then, and they're only about a size too small now), weren't quite as graceful as my mental pic of me. For the most part, it kept me warm... but then again, it was covered by a jacket, a scarf and a knitted hat!

And in our usual Christmas Eve Tradition, we took off for church following a fancy supper. While normally, I love me some wild mix of neutrals and colours for fancy outfits, I kind of like the understated palate for this outfit. The green seems to be a nice touch for a very clean white / tan look. I added a deep chocolate brown pair of stilleto pointed toe boots. You can't tell that well from this picture, but the skirt is a trumpet shape that dips down in the back, where it has a more exaggerated trumpet shape. It looks fabulously feminine when I walk. The white top - basically a fine knit white sweater wrap - not much to say. This wasn't my first choice of outfit - I had on a black cotton sweater dress, under a red/purple patterned sweater, with purple tights, but I just couldn't find the right shoes. Flats made it too casual, and heels just didn't jive with the casual nature of the dress. I tried a wedge, which worked perfectly, but they were the mary janes I wear all the time, so I decided to kick it up a notch. So yes, the outfit I did wear ended up being centred around the boots I couldn't quite manage to capture in the photograph. Alas, I'm working on my photography skills.

And just in case you didnt' think I'd worn enough outfits today - I added a fourth to see Scott's parents. I didn't photograph it, as I had made a quick change to get into it after church, and a quick change into my pajamas when I got home. However, take the top from the church outfit, and the bottoms from the skating outfit, and there you go!

I'm off to Winnipeg tomorrow. I'm actually kind of excited for what I'm bringing, so I'll take a few shots while I'm away. They tell me I'll be home by Saturday night, so I'll hopefully post then, for my whole loyal readerbase of... uh... I don't know if I even have one yet!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Casual... Monday?

I'm not posting pics of today's outfit - it's not all that exciting... take jeans, a white zip up hoodie, and a blue / green sweater, and you've got my look. Not worthy of mention.

What is worthy of mention is the fact that I have run out of warm clothes to wear. The washing machine is being tempermental, so I've been hesitant to do too much laundry. As such, today's -46 windchill caused me to reach for more layers than I've ever done before in order to make it to work without freezing.

The bottom is standard - two pairs of socks, tights, and jeans, with my new snow boots. The top, however, starts with a cami, a black shirt, the aforementioned sweater and hoodie, topped off with a scarf wrapped around me so many times it could be another shirt, and my winter jacket, of course.

Still a little chilly in the office, and if it wasn't for the fact that I can feel the extra weight on my arms from all the sleeves, I would hazard to guess I hadn't prepared for the weather.

(By the way - I've been home for 20 minutes, and my feet are still ice... maybe the next thing I need to knit is a wool pair of socks!!)


It's Christmas time, and in my family, Christmas time always means Church Time. I made my initial visit of the year to the Lessons & Carols service where my parents were singing in the choir. Despite the frigid temperatures, I decided to "skirt-it-up", and threw on my favourite work dress - a basic grey tweed sheath dress. While generally I layer stuff under it, I threw my purple wrap over it. I'm desperately short on cardigans, but am quickly realizing that wrap sweaters have very similar lines, and fewer buttons (always a plus for me!). Black tights, and, yes, the aforementioned black wedge mary janes completed the outfit. I don't mean for them to be such a staple in my wardrobe, but in winter, they keep my feet above the snow, are reliable on ice, and are more comfortable than some of my runners. But it's true - I can't wait for summer to return to my heels of all shapes, sizes and colours!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I realized this blog was failing fast, as I wasn't taking pictures, because, let's be honest, I wasn't wearing anything worthy of note. With the recent cold snap which just didn't seem to want to give up, I could only think of so many creative ways to wear tights, jeans, tshirts and sweaters. While it does seem to be letting up (given the fact that my car started after 6 hours unplugged! Go little bambi go!!), I think until I'm ready to brave the world in less than 17 layers for every outdoor adventure (or getting out of sweats and hoodies on the days when I'm too lazy to even go outside) I might do a "What I would have worn" type of blog. Starting tomorrow - tonight's current look is my dessert themed pj's, and Scott's "Rocket Science" shirt. Dead sexy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby, it's cold... inside!

Today was another day back in the workplace. Since the windchill was -44 when I was heading out this morning, I thought "let's layer it up... again". I'm starting to tire of layers. I miss the simplicity of a great neckline. Anyway, the layers were less than ideal today. I went for warmth instead of comfort, so rather than layering a lace cami under the sweater, I threw on a long sleeve, white v-neck tshirt. Not ideal, but toasty. The blazer was only intended for the walk to work, but the heating system was down in the office, so it was an integral part of my own personal heating system. The blue sweater is an impulse buy that I don't get much use out of. The collar tends to flip up, but the jacket prevented this. The pants are some black cords that I bought in September that are now too big, even with tights on underneath. Shoes were my classic wedge Mary Janes.

But of course this outfit wasn't destined for the walk from the car to the building (a good 5 minutes in the cold), so I did end up bundling up like this. And yes, I totally wore the sunglasses too - I love looking super loser-ish while walking through downtown.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh, the joy of a knit!

Yesterday was basic - cable knit sweater / hoodie, and jeans. I ventured out to pick up more yarn for my scarf that would match my latest hat creation - the hat Lyra wore in the Golden Compass... presumably in a different colour. I didn't see the movie. Basically, it's just a knit hood.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Not so stellar

I'm not loving this outfit. I needed something comfy for the library as I attempted the Cara & Scott version of a study date. And like all Cara & Scott versions of typically romantic things, we managed to eff it up... oh how I love us!

Anyway, personal details aside, the outfit was comfortable, and didn't hinder studying. It's rather basic - a black polka dotted cami, pink faux wrap shirt, a black zip up hoodie, and some jeans.

I always wear the hoodie zipped up, but it just wasn't working for me... and the jeans are apparently ill-fitting, which was rather shocking given they're a staple in my wardrobe.

But the thing that bugs me the most is the fact that my hair still looks crazy red from the Halloween hair-dye fiasco. Sure, the effect was great as Rainbow Brite, but it's definitely lasted longer than I had hoped or wanted.

Oh well - the night is over, and I'm back in the comfort of my pajamas. I can't say that today's outfit will be all the exciting - I've got more studying, and some grocery shopping on the plan, and despite the balmy weather, I'm probably staying in tonight to get some pre-exam sleep!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Intro / First Post

I helped my boyfriend move into a new apartment a couple weeks ago and quickly realized he had an over abundance of clothing - a serious problem considering I couldn't fit into his closet, so obviously his collection of t-shirts would have to find a new home. As easy as it was for me to pare his wardrobe down to a manageable size, when I arrived home, I discovered I was equally guilty of overabundance as he was.

Around the same time, I stumbled across a blog very similar to my aim for this one: Kasmira's What I Wore Today. Now I don't know this person, but quickly added her fashionable blog to my morning list of "too-lazy-to-start-my-day" websites. While my closet, photography skills, and fashion sense are undoubtedly going to pale in comparison, it definitely proved to be an inspiration.

Combining my obsession with all things clothes and shoe related, and my necessity to keep my dresser drawers from overflowing, I present to you "Cara's Closet". It probably won't be all fashion-focused... I hope to incorporate elements of the former "Cara's Place" from MSN Spaces... but my goal is to take a critical look at what I wear, expand my fashion horizons, and by seeing my faux-pas (with your assistance), expand my shelf space by getting rid of the items that just don't work.

Hope you can at least get a kick out of my horrid photography!


I haven't quite figured out the time issue relating to the posting of the pics, so this is yesterday's outfit, since I'm still in my loverly pajamas, following a morning of intense... uh... laundry folding.

Yesterday's outfit took me to a Christmas lunch with friends, to an afternoon at work, to a Board of Directors meeting, to a staff meeting, and to a bit of "relaxation time" before it got too cold and uncomfortable for running errands in the evening.

I took a strapless black dress, which had been sitting in the back of my closet since my uncle's wedding in... oh oh... 2004? I layered it over a classic white button up dress shirt, and threw on a jean blazer with pink stitches.

I had picked up a couple pairs of grey tights, and was desperate to give them some exposure to daylight, and so I threw them on. In hindsight, I'm sure this wasn't their best debut - they seem to darken the lower half of the outfit.

My shoes - not pictured, which is rather strange for me, were simple black wedge Mary Janes.
Click to see details of pink stitching