Friday, January 16, 2009


I got up this morning and discovered that even with the windchill, it was down right balmy. That's right, temperature around -20... wow. So out came the dress and tights! Purple tights are difficult, I soon discovered. Add too much purple to the rest of the outfit, and you come out looking like Barney. I did find that the white wrap sweater over the black shirt dress did help, but ended up looking disjointed so out came the metallic threaded square scarf! This outfit has, so far, gotten me through a presentation to a first year English class, copy editing at the Quill, working for the Gov't (where the pick was taken - hope you can't see my top secret documents!!) and will hopefully keep me going through an archival exhibit opening and a house warming party. Ok, I can see myself throwing on some jeans for the house warming party, but I still think I did pretty good for someone who didn't wear dresses all that much before this year!

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