Saturday, January 17, 2009

Have you figured out the theme?

That's right - an extra post today to see if you've figured out this week's theme: wrap shirts! The sad thing is that I went to get dressed today, and threw one on without realizing it. Then I searched my closet and came up with two more! I will admit that it's starting to get insane.

In any event, I wore a pink wrap t-shirt, layered over a white 3/4 length v-neck tee, with jeans, and my happy stripey scarf.

And in other clothing news - after feeling the need to spend money, the girls and I headed to Value Village for some thrifting - a necklace, a broach, skirt and sweater, all for under $15 - I'm quite happy!

Working on outfits for this week - the weather has warmed up so I hope to take advantage of that, but I still have some pants that need to get some exposure to the work world, so we'll see where that leads!

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  1. I don't know how I missed it: wrap shirts. I feel like such a failure, Cara.


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