Saturday, January 3, 2009

Museum Exhibit Opening

Today, the Daly House opened their Dolls of Yesteryears exhibit, and I, of course, was on hand to deliver opening remarks. Of course, being in the spotlight as such made me a little weary about finding something appropriate to wear. I'd hate to be on the front page of the paper (ha!) in something that didn't quite suit the theme.

I thought of a couple different options - the business woman (because I sometimes need that to look mature enough to be in the position I am); the artistsy professional (because it is an exhibit hall, and not an office); or the conservative/matronly museum director (because it is a doll exhibit at a museum).

In the end, I went with the artsy professional - taking advantage of one of my birthday presents from my grandparents - a teal turtleneck. I paired it with my favourite glen plaid pants, and a black scarf - simple yet sophisticated, I thought. But I love the pants... they aren't the easiest pattern to photograph, as they make my eyes dizzy to look at closely, but they make my legs look excessively long.

Here were my other options - I realize there isn't that much variety between the styles, but the over all tone seems so different.

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  1. Dolls of Yesteryears exhibit? Brandon never ceases to impress! Will that exhibit still be on in June?!


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