Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick & Tired

I've gotta make this quick - 10 minutes until the Daily Show, which means 10 minutes until I have to be in bed. Last night was a disaster and a half in terms of sleep and stress levels (they are inversely correlated, I've discovered) and until I finally had a nap at Scott's this evening, I was plotting death to everyone in my path.

The picture doesn't do the look justice. The shirts aren't sitting right, because I had just ended up in an impromptu photoshoot - when a short story calls for a pic of a female, lying dead on the floor, it's difficult to come across a Creative Commons pic that would work, so I soon found myself covered in dust on the office tiles. Anyway, that's me at my desk in job #2 - the newspaper office.

Anyway, jeans are basic. The stripe shirt is from my sister (I think we're almost nearing the end of the "Deb Collection", and the V-neck shirt (v in front and back) is somethign headed for the self-help box, but I decided to revive. It was just too revealing on its own, but now that I seem to be loving the layers, I decided to give it a try.

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  1. I think you should start doing fashion photos of you sprawled across a tiled floor. Wear stripes next time; I think that will complement the tiles nicely.


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