Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cardigan week?

I put on my cardigan today and thought "Wait a minute... I've been doing a lot of jacket / cardigan layering.

And sure enough, I looked at the rest of the week, and in fact it did have more cardigans.

So off I went to buy some new tights (I HATED the ones I was wearing today, they will be destroyed with scissors when I can find the time to find my floor to find the scissors needed), and revised my tomorrow outfit.

But today, I wore black tights, my tweed embroidered skirt, two camis - a polka dot one over a white one, and my GAP pink merino wool cardigan.

And this picture was from when I had energy. And didn't have a headache... silly Scott dropping my head on tiled floor... ok... silly Cara for making him play games with my chair.

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