Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday, a little delayed

Ok, I've been pretty good so far posting promptly before midnight every day. Whether or not people notice is beyond me, but that's what I aim for.

However, last night, instead of skating, we made our way to the Big Band Social at SUDS in support of the Brandon University Music Students (yes, BUMS). Since I just got home, you'll have to be happy with posting before noon.

During the day, I felt like a hockey player. I was in about 27 million layers, and it gave me a wide look, and the shirt just reminded me of the stripes on a jersey. Oh well, it's still in theme. Green sweater, black hooded shirt, white v-neck shirt, and cords. These cords are officially too big on me. Apparently I've lost that much weight since September. Strangely, almost everything else still fits. Hmm...

Anyway, we had intended on skating (hense the layers) but the weather was too cold, so that morphed into the big band dance, which elicited the need to sneak into my house (apparently not as quietly as I had believed) and pick out an outfit is as little time as possible. I think I rocked the look. The dress is a little Marilyn Monroe for the 40s, but the skirt is fabulous when I spin. The fishnets and rounded toe shoes are a little more time appropriate. The bun took a slightly modern twist on the side, though failed to stay as I intended it. Oh well. The only pic I have of me head to toe features my friend Jill, who also attended in a fabulous outfit... in fact, I think I like hers better than mine for the occaission. She's in a black pencil skirt, a polka dotted tank, and some awesome thrift store find oxford pumps. I am jealous. Oh, and we're both still following this weeks theme - any guesses?

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