Monday, February 2, 2009

Michelle Obama day - one day early

I love my Tuesdays, in terms of clothes. It's one of the few days where I know exactly where I'm going ot be all day - class. As such, I don't need to bring a change of clothes in a bag with me (note: bought a new bag, in which I can't wait to try to lug around my clothes). I get to be a student ALL DAY!

So when I discovered that Thrifty Muse was creating a Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge for Tuesday, February 3rd, I was a little upset. I had always wanted to get into a challenge, but always seemed to get to them too late. This one, I had ample time for, however, it still wasn't going to work.

In any event, I decided that instead of forsaking my fabulous Tuesday of student wear for emulating the First Lady (ok, I admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the challenge, but it's a challenge none the less), I would just do it one day early, when I had to go to work anyway. So what do we women in government positions wear?

I started with the obligatory black cardigan. Of course, the pants, black with a blue pinstripe, were on my list of "hey, I want to wear these soon", so they stepped in. I wanted a more jeweltone cami, but I loved the look of this one with the beaded necklace.

I did have on a belt, and I did have the cardigan more open, but it just made my feel hip-y today. Don't know what's up with that. While it's not necessarily Obama's style, it follows what seems to be her style of thought: wear what works for your body.

And I did try to find a broach that would work for the outfit. Value Village just didn't have anything :(

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  1. I mourn the absence of the Michelle Obama broach.


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