Monday, February 9, 2009


This morning it looked like the world couldn't tell whether it was winter or spring. It was raining, and there were lots of puddles, but my car was covered in a thick layer of ice. Winter boots to work, it was, then!

I had planned this outfit, and was very happy with it because it seemed to match the weather - I wasn't really sure if it was spring or winter either! It has a dark palate (the black vest and the black skirt with black boots), but it had some elements of spring (the green stripe shirt, the vines running up the leg of the black pantyhose).

I love the pantyhose - they were a mere $3 or something like that, and it shows. I had a couple holes before I even got to work. However, I love the visual interest it adds, just popping out between my skirt and boots. (Please note, the slit, in both pictures, is higher than usual. The skirt it big, which actually causes it to ride up, especially when I'm jumping over things to get into the picture before the timer goes).

And on the sad news front - the ring that I raved about on Saturday ended up back at the jewelry store that night. It was much much too big for me, and ended up falling off. And that was after it had been sized. Sigh... another 10 days of no ring for me :(

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  1. those pantyhose are freaking awesome! i need to find my wife some like that!


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