Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Fest

Despite the fact that today is the first day of winter festival, it's surprisingly tepid outside. So tepid that the extra 10 minutes I spent in bed trying to find a way to wear my new sweater dress and red tights, while still being warm enough to venture about the city all evening.

I'm wearing some brand spankin' new red tights that I bought last night, when I dragged Scott to Walmart inspite of my promises that we'd have a good, relaxing date night.

I'm also wearing a new sweater dress that I picked up for almost less than the tights at Giant Tiger... I'm starting to think (despite the lack of tighsts there, grumble) that the store GRRRReat!

I threw on a maroon shirt underneath that actually matches better in real life than in pictures. The dress has a pretty hole details, so it was necessary.

Of course, I had to wear some boots, which make my legs seem less long, given the fact that the skirt is really shirt. Ok, I'll admit, it's billed as a "Sweater - tunic" in the Giant Tiger ads.

IN any event, I really like the outfit, because it's uber comfortable, and the thickness of the tights seems to make the skirt ok... and if not, hell, I'm only 25 once!

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