Thursday, March 5, 2009

Apathy over?

I really like today's outfit. While Jane is doing a "One skirt three ways" challenge (giving us a fortnight to get it into rotation), I decided if I was going to do it (as I read it after I figured out my outfits for a week), it would have to be with this dress. This is what I call my "Business hippy" outfit. Probably because the skirt and necklace remind me of some of the more "hippy" people in my life, but the jacket, that's 100% me.

The dress is so comfortable that I actually kept it on all day, through Quill staff meetings, and lounging around at Scott's. I did get some odd reactions to the outfit (someone wanted to know if I was looking forward to St. Patrick's day, someone else asked if I was Irish, someone suggested I needed to start reconsidering my work wardrobe for something more appropriate), I don't care. I liked it. Sure, the boots weren't quite the style that I wanted, but I'm still not buying anything (despite retrieving my Winners gift card from where it hid itself for a couple months), so I couldn't alter them.

And for those of you concerned you didn't see yesterday's outfit, here it is in all of its non-glory.

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