Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brightly stepping

I woke up this morning wanting to sleep longer, but realizing that sound filtering into my dream was my TV turning me on, an attempt to wake up a more pleasing way, since my first class was canceled.

I was having issues getting dressed this morning. I had originally planned out my wardrobe for the week on Friday, as normal, however, the weather took a mighty turn to the frigid and wearing the skirt I planned for on Monday kind of made me fear frost bitten legs. Instead, I created a new Monday outfit late Sunday night, not realizing it was repeating an article of clothing I'd planned for Tuesday.

The realization came last night when I went to set out my clothes. I couldn't bring myself to repeat the one piece! What if people found out! However, this morning, I decided that I needed the one piece, and since I had a) only worn it half a day and b) had only worn it to work, and I wasn't going to work today, and c) the only people who would probably actually notice would be the ones reading this explanation. Anyway, see if you can pick it out.

The outfit is inspired by Kasmira's "Party Like A Pirate" look. I realize that it was technically a costume, and that Stacey and Clinton would probably kill me for doing that, but they're all up in my TV screen and not in my life. I find it difficult to wear the pink striped shirt because it feels so loud, being both bright pink, and one of the few patterned pieces in my wardrobe. As such, I can't get rid of it, and must work with it. I think it works for a nice casual look.

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