Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Had a bad day again

Life was great today. Until Scott got into a bad mood after supper, and for some reason, by the time he got out of it, part way through class, I had it. THEN came the expectation that we'd go to the ST. Paddy's day social at SUDS. It didn't suck as hard as I thought it did, but none the less, I'm home 2 hours later than I planned, discovered it's colder tomorrow than my planned outfit will allow, and the oddest things are plaguing my brain at this late hour that I know if I got a full night's sleep (now impossible), wouldn't bug me in the least. And apparently a big fight broke out, and happened on our table after I left, so whew!

St. Patrick's day was going to be a fun day of fabulous green, but I got lazy. I wore my green striped shirt, black long sleeved shirt (for warmth) and still left my leather jacket on for most of the day... definitely isn't quite leather jacket weather, for the record.

And now, I"m going to grab some sleep before the mad dash that will be the morning of planning an outfit, finding craft supplies, etc. etc.

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  1. craft supplies?? are you making jewelry??


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