Monday, July 6, 2009

Conservative Confidence

First, I love how Chinese Laundry Footwear started following my blog after I mention that their shoes give me blisters. Dear Chinese Laundry people: I love your shoes anyway!

All right, today was my first day of dressing for confidence. It was also my first day in a "new" position at work (being a student employee, I don't get promotions, I just get new duties). I decided confidence had to come in a more conservative fashion. I had also decided that since my biggest "problem" area is my stomach, it would be best to wear something that accented how thin I am.

The outfit was an obvious choice after that: I love my tweed sheath dress. While I did debate wearing the dress shirt over top, with my Chinese Laundry belt (and yes, I'm hoping that if I say that brand long enough I'll get some form of incentive to continue purchasing and freely advertising their selection), I decided to get the smoothest, thinnest line possible, I'd wear the dress like a jumper, and enjoy the tweediness of it.

This is probably my favourite tweed piece, because despite being rather conservative, it has quite a few flecks of colour through out it, upon close examination, all done in a very playful way.

I love this dress shirt when it's seen, becuase there is a lot of interesting pleating and seeming that you can't see in this picture.

Dress: Smart Set
Shirt: Rickis
Earrings: Walmart
Shoes: Rockport @ Shoe Warehouse

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