Monday, August 3, 2009

Wedding #1

This summer, I knew I'd have one wedding to go to. However, as time crept on, it easily tripled, and considering that this is my summer of no spending my "new dress for every wedding" tradition had to fail.

There were multiple reasons I was dreading this wedding - a post - break-up encounter with an ex, having to go back to the home town, and figuring out what to wear. Don't get me wrong, I was excited to be invited (as weddings of high school friends are getting more and more exclusive over the years), but the invitation was very vague: "invite you to celebrate their marriage with an afternoon party". What kind of dress code does that invoke?

So I took the question to a pro - Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50, who openly accepts reader questions. She came up with two fabulous outfits:

Of course, the only thing stopping me from re-creating the outfits exactly was the whole not spending a crap load of money. I did find an awesome blue dress like in the second picture that I do very much want, but even at a steal at $25, I knew that would blow my accessory budget - the only thing I'm allowed to buy for weddings. Also, I showed up and a friend had that dress on, so it's a good thing I didn't. However, I did love the blue and green from the first picture, so that was my inspiration

I pretty much recreated the outfit for Scott, but created a few other options for him and told him to choose what he felt comfortable in.

Green dress - Smart Set (2005)
Silver shoes - Aldo (2007)
Shawl - Ardene (2009)
Necklace - Ardene (2009)
Earrings - WalMart (2009)

Black Pants - Tip Top (2009)
Shirt - Joe (Superstore) 2009
Loafers - Aldo (2008)

While we didn't "go" as well as I had hoped (as he didn't choose the outfit I had pretty much recreated the outfit from the first picture out of stuff he had - good job Kimberly!!!), we definitely looked good - albeit a little too fancy for the occaission it turned out.

Oh well, I think we both felt we looked good, and that's all that matters!

Thanks, Kimberly! Don't worry - I think I can do the next two on my own!

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  1. Cara, I'm so glad you sent the email/link to me (btw, I have added you to my Google Reader so I can keep up on your blog). You two looked lovely and while you said you were a bit overdressed I always think it is best to be so then underdressed. Besides I think people dress way too casually for most weddings nowadays! Seriously, people, we are talking "till death do us part" - put on a dress or tie! Okay, off of my soap box now! :-)
    Glad the suggestions proved to be good inspiration for your outfits and thank goodness you didn't go with the blue!


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