Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What colour are your pants?

Facebook is filled with quizzes like "What Queen are you?" or "How many kids will you have". I'm thinking of starting a new one: What colour are my pants?

After getting these from my sister in the spring, they've stayed in my dresser for the sole reason that I couldn't quite decide what colour they were - were they brown with a brown pinstripe or grey with a brown pinstripe? Of course, both being neutrals, either combination would work with a number of my shirts. I chose this one because it matched the nailpolish I used for the wedding (which, of course, shows huge signs of wear in this picture, because I chew at it... bad Cara).

However, my concern was the shoes. In order to enable my brain to go to sleep, I decided to opt for a tan canvas sneaker last night, but ultimately decided on a gold moccasin type shoe this morning.

Either grey with brown or brown with brown, I'm not convinced the shoes worked.

Decide for yourself: grey or brown?

Pants: Express
Shirt: Garage
Jacket: Rickis
Shoes: Payless

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