Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still sick... sigh

I woke up this morning feeling the worst I've felt thus far.  I seriously considered calling in sick, until I remembered I had to submit some articles before the deadline, so I dragged my sorry bum out of bed, and got ready as quickly as my body would let me, which was only a minute behind schedule, which is fine, becuase most days my bus is late.

Today was not most days.

Today my bus had been early. 

So once I convinced my boyfriend to drive me to work (an amazing feat, since he despises driving, and dispising driving downtown even more), I figured the day had to get better. After all, it was pay day!

But I didn't get paid the right amount.

And then the bank locked me out of my online bank account

And I was so cold on the bus ride home that my fingers weren't able to work the key for door. 

And while I'm not convinced that I like the "Work" outfit on me, knowing that Jane and Sheila both think I looked fabulous in the turquoise colour the other day did perk up my mood. 

And strangely, my "Trivia at the local pub" outfit that I had planned didn't appeal to me at all, but layering the dress from this morning did, despite it being a trend I never really could get behind before. 


  1. I'm snooping around to see your capsule wardrobe and how you are managing - so sorry you feel unwell, it must be effort doing it when under the weather.

  2. I love your layered dress over jeans!

    Hope that you continue to get better.


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