Sunday, September 20, 2009

TA meeting

I always find that a jacket takes any outfit from "ordinary" to "business".  However, I've gotten rather bored of the two short sleeve jackets that I currently own, and the idea of wearing long sleeves in +30 weather is rather stupid. 

In any event, I decided a shirt would work just as well, since I didn't really need it as much "business" as "Believe me, I'm old enough to be teaching!"

And thus, I wore this to my first TA meeting for the English Department

Dress:  Old Navy (Erica)
Shirt:  Bootlegger (Jill)

Posting will be sporadic over the next few days - this is Friday's outfit.  Yesterday I did change - from one pair of pajamas to another.  Today, after I get some food in me, I'll decide if I'm well enough to get dressed for the day.  Oh, the joys of being sick. 

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