Friday, October 30, 2009

All right, I might just have to settle for a weekly blog - I spend all my time writing... in all my classes, at both of my jobs, in the time in between all of that, so maintaining a daily blog is getting to me.  Mostly because I'm finding my poor blogging grammar is infiltrating my essays.  I know the solution would be to improve the way I write on here, but that seems far too logical. 


It was going to be the week of sweater dresses, but I couldn't seem to make one of them work, so there was only one day of sweater dresses, and since i was going to work, I thought it best to wear it as a tunic, as it is rather short.  And of course, when I went to class, it was rather cold so I wore it with jeans.

Dress:  Giant Tiger
Dress pants:  Smart Set
Jeans:  Bluenotes (altered)


Ah yes, the day I miss judged the forecast.  It snowed.  Hard.  And it was really windy.  However, I toughed it out (though bought warmer tights on my coffee break - I tell you, this "working beside a mall" thing is bad news bears!

skirt:  Superstore
Vest:  Rickis
Shirt: Smart Set
Tights: Zellers


Every once and a while Scott and I pretend we're not poor and we go to the theatre.  Tonight, we saw The Alice Nocturne, an adaptation of Alice In Wonderland, written specifically for the Globe Theatre in Regina.  I was a little worried when I realized that it was written for this small prairie city theatre, but I was quite impressed with it.  The theatre itself is a theatre in the round, so it was a very small intimate feeling, so the acting had to be impecable, because every little flash of the eye could be seen.

Sweater: Rickis
Belt:  Chinese Laundry
Skirt:  Smart Set?
Tights: Zellers
Boots: Aldo

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  1. Such an eceltci mix - I love it when people dress this way. Wednesday is the surprise and my favourite.


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