Sunday, October 11, 2009

Even I don't know where I've been

I know, I disappeared... I odn't even know why.  I'd take pictures, and just be too lazy upload them.  And of course, now that I feel like blogging, I'm 600 km away from my home computer for Thanksgiving.  I do have my camera and cord somewhere around here, and so I can throw it onto my netbook, but that just seems like so much work.
The major downfall of coming "home" when you've moved away is realizing exactly how much you either a) love the new place and don't feel at home in the old place or b) how much you miss the old place and hate the new place.
After the last 24 hours, I've realized that it's been a lot of lies I've been telling myself to be convinced that I don't hate where things will be for the next 2 + years.  I think the only thing that will really encourage me to go back at the end of the weekend is the fact that Scott's there, and after being constantly in each other's faces for the last 5 weeks, I miss him kind of crazily.
All right, there are 3 outfits that are in my queue - the first is a casual favourite which I love wearing to work, becuase there's enough "office type elements" that I feel it definitely fits into the "we range from business suits to jeans and ball cap" type attire you find in my office.

Dress:  Bluenotes
Cami:  Smart Set
Tights: Smart Set
Jacket:  Stitches

Then we move onto the day of cold - I failed to plan for the early winter that is upon us, and so dressing for work, with a windchill and only summer layers has proven difficult. However, layering hoodies under jackets seems to work.

This is my first "business appropriate strapless dress" combinations that I'll be trying over the next couple weeks.  I love A-line skirts, but usually end up buying straight skirts, which becomes difficult for me to wear, since I don't have any curves.  I knew I wanted to wear my new argyle tights (well - newish.  I picked them up on massive sale this summer, but jsut was holding out on wearing them).  Layering a wrap sweater over top of it always reminds me of the perfect mix between the openness of a cardigan, but the shape of a fitted sweater.

Dress:  Smart Set
Sweater:  Smart Set
Tights: Zellers
MJ's:  Shoe Warehouse

And finally, today's outfit... and my sister's cat with the demon eyes.  It's the return of sweater dress season!!!  I layered it with a basic shirt and skinny jeans.  I worked some more on breaking in my cowboy boots, too, but they're far too sore for putting back on for pictures. 

Shirt:  Smart Set
Dress:  Giant Tiger
Pants:  Bluenotes (altered)
Cowboy boots:  Value Village


  1. A nice selection of outfits here.
    Glad you are back.

  2. You live in Manitoba? I've always dreamt of going there. Lovely bog, wonderful outfits! I too participated in the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.


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