Sunday, October 25, 2009

Knitting Night

I decided around 4:30 (a whole 1/2 hour before I did yesterday) to get out of my pajamas and shower.  I didn't want to put pants on, so I went for tights and a dress.  I'm working on winterizing some of my summer looks to get more wear out of them (and thus justify why I need both closets in the bedroom and Scott only gets a little small space of one... and he got that reluctantly). 

Dress:  Joe
Shirt:  Bootlegger
Tights:  Walmart

The hair?  I was too lazy to dry it, but it doesn't have enough curl to do the wavy thing any more.  Sigh. 


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  2. Thanks, Jane! It's actually a very saturated pink, I just came home too late last night to get a good picture of the colour. I'm afraid reds an I tend to not agree!


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