Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ruminations from a sad mind

It hasn't been a good day.  I woke up not feeling well, dealt with some adversity at work, felt entirely out of my league in class today, and then arrived home to find someone had commented on my blog.  Generally, this is the kind of pick me up that steers me away from the box of halloween candy and bottle of baileys at my desk.  However, this was an anonymous comment berating me for something I wore. 
Now fear not - I didn't indulge in large amounts of chocolate or alcohol.  I took an honest look at their comment and the picture in question.  It was an older outfit, and I wanted to take a moment to take this criticism constructively.  There is always room for improvement.  Plus, given my mood, I was sure I'd done something wrong.
But I looked at the picture and realized:  heaven forbid, the big issue that said person HAD to point out to me was a whole 3 mm of sock peaking out of the top of a cowboy boot - a detail so insignificant, I didn't even notice as I played around with the picture in photoshop.  I'm sure that within walking any distance greater than from my pictured spot and the camera this 3 mm of sock would have disappeared, especially considering the fact I'm wearing the same sock today, and it is, indeed, constantly falling down.  
Just as I was counseling myself to take it in stride, I realized that this person made the comment under the shroud of anonymity - a real pet peeve of mine. 
I realized that we put ourselves out there as fodder for mockery and criticism in the belief that we belong to a larger community within the blogging world and that we are part of the discussion on the social and private construction of fashion.  While one blog may seem insignificant, it takes courage to not only say "I care about my appearance, and I don't think I'm shallow for it", but to do so in a public forum.  We may not be saving the world, but we're taking ownership of our small little corner of it.  We're putting our face and our name on our successes and mistakes.  And I'll be damned if I let one person (ironically brought to my blog in search of fashion advice) get me down for one comment that she wasn't enough brave enough to sign her name to. 

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  1. I post my comments because I am your sister without a blog, so don't know how to sign my name. That being said,I didn't notice the socks, so that was not me


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