Thursday, November 19, 2009

End of Dress Week

I've decided to end dress week early, and unfortunately, on a bad note.  I bought a pair of brown thick tights hoping it would keep me warm on days I wanted to wear skirts.  While the weather has been unseasonably nice the last couple afternoons, it's been about -12 when I head off for work, necessitating some more layers.  Having also just got a pair of green leather shoes for $7, I thought it was the perfect time to debut both items.  Paired with a pencil skirt and a short sleeved blazer, I thought I had the perfect blend for fall.

And then I left the house, and it all went wrong.

The tights, as I had suspected, were too long.  This is an odd thing to happen with the "one size fits all" variety, but I figured they'd shrink in the wash, and were probably just stretched out from when I had tried to wear them another day, but couldn't pull together an outfit.  But they continued to stretch out, to the point where they definitely looked like I was stealing a supermodels tights.  Not to mention that when I took them off, I discovered they had multiple holes in them.  I guess that's what I get for buying cheap tights!

Then the shoes were a problem.  I was definitely between sizes, but I figured, at $7, I'd buy the size up, and just throw in some insoles.  However, the insoles didn't help the fact that I have narrow heels, and thus, the shoes kept slipping off in the back.  While this is fairly common for me and shoes, the vamp on these shoes are so low that when the heel slips out, the whole foot is out.  I lost my shoe multiple times in the course of my morning.

And finally the skirt became quite the issue any time I went to get on or off the bus.  There aren't any slits in its construction so going up steps proved to be, undoubtedly, hilarious for the rest of the bus, as I walked kind of like a penguin.

And then this morning, I woke up with a killer cold.  The thought of trying to struggle with tights, and creating an outfit from a dress / skirt that would be warm enough to stay comfortable all day (because I always tend to get sick on days when I work multiple jobs and have class) just seemed like it would take too much brain power.

At least yesterday had the joy of a sushi lunch, and enough time without Scott to allow me to thoroughly enjoy his new TV!


  1. Hi Cara! I chanced upon your blog while I was in the Small Fabric of my Life blog. Nice to meet you.

    I can so much relate with your story about the tights when you buy one size fits all, sometimes they are just too long. I always say that it'll shrink in the dryer.

    Love your pose in this shot... you look like a cool genius at work.

  2. Aw! That's a frustrating thing! I've had that happen with tights too - once when I had a show! And I'm trying to discreetly pull up my baggy tights on stage (looked like I had woolen underwear on!). The outfit looked so cute too!


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