Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Purple people eater

I didn't realize that I was piggy backing on Sheila's dress week until I went to upload the pictures.  All right, Monday was a skirt, and I can definitely see tomorrow turn into a skirt too, but I'm still counting it, considering how infrequently I work skirts / dresses even a year ago.  Part of the reason for not realizing this trend is that I do frequently change part way through the day to accomodate my various roles in life.  For example, re-organizing my household so that Scott could play video games without keeping me up at night, and so I could regain my desk which I had sacrificed believing he would be out of the apartment in mere weeks would have been difficult in a narrow skirted shirt dress, which had I worn this morning.

However, here it is, in all its glory one my stop at home at lunch, seconds before I stripped it all off in favour of jeans and a sweater for classroom comfort (my university is notoriously cold).

The purple tights were apparently a bit much for this small Canadian city, as I got quite the looks, mostly of disgust.  However, they mostly inspired me to keep iton all day.  Alas, the prairie winds prevented me from entertaining this notion.

Scott said, as he watched me pose (starring at my poor dying flowers he got me for our anniversary), "Haven't you worn that before?  Why do you need to take a picture of it?" and i stuck my tongue out at him.  Of course, as I go to post this, I realized that I never taken a picture, which probably would have been a better come back.  I believe it was about a year ago, maybe a little less, so again, it was definitely time to take a picture.


  1. Awww...totally touched that our group pictures adorn top quality space in your apartment! Made me so nostalgic...that and the fact that I'm currently on the train returning from spending the week-end with Aimee in Brandon...aww how I miss good 'ol BU days!

    Loving the outfits by the way!

  2. oops..I mean returning from visiting Aimee in Toronto!


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