Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Party!

I usually am so busy over Christmas that I regret agreeing to go to so many Christmas parties.  However, this year, I only have one, so it seems very empty!.  However, despite still feeling under the weather, I knew I couldn't miss the ESA Christmas party. 

This picture really sucks. I didn't realize that when I got home, because I was exhausted.  Between having both Scott's and my cars dying the previous day, still not being finished an essay despite getting an extension, and completely missing my two naps that day, I am surprised that I do look as decent as I do. 

I'm loving layering tights.  There is something fun about pairing dark fishnets and bright tights.  I'm hoping to be able to do a lot with these blue tights this year, especially since I have my new awesome shoes, which have yet to be worn (something about H1N1, and not being allowed to go to work kind of makes it difficult to introduce new footwear, given how cozy slippers have become). 

I've also challenged myself to start doing stuff with my hair.  I'm contemplating cutting it REALLY short, so I figure I better make use of the length while I still have it. 

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  1. Great idea... I can layer my black patterned tights and a colored one. Thanks for the inspiration.


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