Friday, December 4, 2009

I need new shoes

I loved this outfit when I first started teaching.  I was working in a classroom with an old school board - you know... the black ones that shed chalk when you as much as looked at them, even from a distance.  Thus, I found it very useful to be wearing clothes that would allow the chalk to blend in - such as this tweed skirt and this mottled teal sweater.  I was reminiscing about chalkboards one night*, and remembered about outfits such as this, thus inspiring me to wear it to work.

However, something about it now just doesn't work, and I think it's the sweater's fault, which is really sad, since I have two others exactly like it but in navy and brown.  (There was a time when I wore teal so often it became one of my pseudo-neutrals).  The skirt is A-line, which always helps narrow the waist, but the sweater is cut straight, and a bit too long.  I'll have to take a critical look at it the next time I throw it on.

Also receiving a critical look were the shoes, not here pictured.  Originally, I would have worn this outfit with a pair of Mary Janes that were not good quality and thus died a quick and painful death after a few weeks teaching.  This time, I wore them with their replacement pair, which was a higher quality, and a sleeker line.  When I went to take the picture, the shoes were still in my bag (it snowed so I'm in boots until I get to work), which, of course, I didn't realize until the red light on the self timer was already flashing.  However, I realized that I'd been wearing these shoes pretty much every work day since I told my brown shoes that they were just as dead to me as those cheap black mary janes. 

So today, when I was out doing some Christmas shopping, I happened upon a pair of leather black heeled oxfords at 50% off.  I carried them around the store as I contemplated other purchases.  I got so used to carrying them I almost walked out the door when I couldn't find any presents for anyone on my list.  I figured if I almost stole them, I might as well just buy them, since subconsciously I probably did that on purpose.  Arriving at the till, I discovered they were an additional 15% of the discounted price!  While they definitely weren't the brown pair of dress shoes I desperately need, they'll at least swap out the MJ's at least every few days now!

Of course, just as justification, I have decided that since I bought the shoes, they must have a specific purpose.  They are now for the Christmas party that I wasn't planning on attending.  Gotta love when a purchase creates the need for more purchases.

*ironically, my allergy to chalk became more severe since that first teaching placement. I wrote something on the board yesterday in one of my classes, and ended up being unable to stop coughing for a good 5 minutes)

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  1. Can't wait to see your new shoes... what an awesome purchase.


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