Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The joy that is snow

It's been a while, again.  I've been sick, again.  I thought I was actually starting to feel better these last few days, until last night, when I found myself being woken for supper - and I rarely nap.  Even now, I am pausing to yawn, and I slept, at least so I thought, rather well last night.  Rumour has it, however, I woke frequently to steal the blankets back and stare menacingly at the person who wanted to share them.  That's what he gets for not pay his share of rent yet...
I was, however, in a fine mood this morning . Better than fin, I'd say.  I woke up to see a pile of snow on the previously brown ground, which immediately launched me into a Christmas Carol Medley, including a rendition of Oscar The Grouch's "I Hate Christmas" for the grunpy bum that insisted on trying to drown me out with a pillow. 
My favourite part about the snow?  Finally being able to put on my winter boots.  I have a large selection of boots - both winter and other - and I do quite love my winter boots as much as the rest.  While I had hoped to create an outfit with the black boots and a dress, the majority of my tights (and socks, and shirts, etc) are in the laundry.  Nothing overly exciting about todays outfit, nor do I have a good picture of it, as I took it seconds ago, as I'm killing time between work and class.  Oh well, such is luck!


  1. Oh snow, I need some snow. That's always the musing of any girl from the tropics.

  2. Hope you are feeling better. Snow in December is lovely.


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