Monday, December 7, 2009

Sick Sack

I had every intention of starting to post regularly again, but alas, my luck has continued to fail me.  After struggling through two major colds, I managed to come down with H1N1.  Of course, it's a very mild case, and after 3 days on the couch, I'm actually feeling quite like myself again.  Of course, I still have a fever, and am probably still contagious, but I'll take an extra couple days off of work to finish up some homework and protect the health of my co-workers and contemporaries. 

However, I have been watching a lot of TV, and while I've been disregarding a lot of it (I don't think I need to consider plastic surgery at my age), I have been enjoying a lot of the more fashion geared shows.  There is something comforting about wearing jammies while watching reruns of What Not To Wear.

It's rather sad, though.  I actually set my alarm to make sure that I'm awake from my nap in time for it.  However, I've firmly believed the power of the little things to make you feel better. 

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  1. Hope you get well soon Cara. Rest and lots of fluids will really help.


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