Friday, October 30, 2009

All right, I might just have to settle for a weekly blog - I spend all my time writing... in all my classes, at both of my jobs, in the time in between all of that, so maintaining a daily blog is getting to me.  Mostly because I'm finding my poor blogging grammar is infiltrating my essays.  I know the solution would be to improve the way I write on here, but that seems far too logical. 


It was going to be the week of sweater dresses, but I couldn't seem to make one of them work, so there was only one day of sweater dresses, and since i was going to work, I thought it best to wear it as a tunic, as it is rather short.  And of course, when I went to class, it was rather cold so I wore it with jeans.

Dress:  Giant Tiger
Dress pants:  Smart Set
Jeans:  Bluenotes (altered)


Ah yes, the day I miss judged the forecast.  It snowed.  Hard.  And it was really windy.  However, I toughed it out (though bought warmer tights on my coffee break - I tell you, this "working beside a mall" thing is bad news bears!

skirt:  Superstore
Vest:  Rickis
Shirt: Smart Set
Tights: Zellers


Every once and a while Scott and I pretend we're not poor and we go to the theatre.  Tonight, we saw The Alice Nocturne, an adaptation of Alice In Wonderland, written specifically for the Globe Theatre in Regina.  I was a little worried when I realized that it was written for this small prairie city theatre, but I was quite impressed with it.  The theatre itself is a theatre in the round, so it was a very small intimate feeling, so the acting had to be impecable, because every little flash of the eye could be seen.

Sweater: Rickis
Belt:  Chinese Laundry
Skirt:  Smart Set?
Tights: Zellers
Boots: Aldo

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Knitting Night

I decided around 4:30 (a whole 1/2 hour before I did yesterday) to get out of my pajamas and shower.  I didn't want to put pants on, so I went for tights and a dress.  I'm working on winterizing some of my summer looks to get more wear out of them (and thus justify why I need both closets in the bedroom and Scott only gets a little small space of one... and he got that reluctantly). 

Dress:  Joe
Shirt:  Bootlegger
Tights:  Walmart

The hair?  I was too lazy to dry it, but it doesn't have enough curl to do the wavy thing any more.  Sigh. 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ruminations from a sad mind

It hasn't been a good day.  I woke up not feeling well, dealt with some adversity at work, felt entirely out of my league in class today, and then arrived home to find someone had commented on my blog.  Generally, this is the kind of pick me up that steers me away from the box of halloween candy and bottle of baileys at my desk.  However, this was an anonymous comment berating me for something I wore. 
Now fear not - I didn't indulge in large amounts of chocolate or alcohol.  I took an honest look at their comment and the picture in question.  It was an older outfit, and I wanted to take a moment to take this criticism constructively.  There is always room for improvement.  Plus, given my mood, I was sure I'd done something wrong.
But I looked at the picture and realized:  heaven forbid, the big issue that said person HAD to point out to me was a whole 3 mm of sock peaking out of the top of a cowboy boot - a detail so insignificant, I didn't even notice as I played around with the picture in photoshop.  I'm sure that within walking any distance greater than from my pictured spot and the camera this 3 mm of sock would have disappeared, especially considering the fact I'm wearing the same sock today, and it is, indeed, constantly falling down.  
Just as I was counseling myself to take it in stride, I realized that this person made the comment under the shroud of anonymity - a real pet peeve of mine. 
I realized that we put ourselves out there as fodder for mockery and criticism in the belief that we belong to a larger community within the blogging world and that we are part of the discussion on the social and private construction of fashion.  While one blog may seem insignificant, it takes courage to not only say "I care about my appearance, and I don't think I'm shallow for it", but to do so in a public forum.  We may not be saving the world, but we're taking ownership of our small little corner of it.  We're putting our face and our name on our successes and mistakes.  And I'll be damned if I let one person (ironically brought to my blog in search of fashion advice) get me down for one comment that she wasn't enough brave enough to sign her name to. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Work Week

It's been a rather uninspiring week where I have been reaching for standbys and old favourites.

Tuesday's work outfit consisted of a good old standby - the purple and silver striped shirt with a purple wrap.  Can't get much basic with black pants and mary janes!

Shirts - Smart Set
Pants - Ricki's
Shoes - Rockport (Shoe Warehouse)

Today, I went for my favourite tweed sheath, layered with a comfy turtleneck, with another appearance of the MJs.  I had better intentions for today's outfit - some layering of a strapless dress, some fun tights, etc, however, last night I couldn't think straight, because my apartment's boiler, oddly located on the third floor, and unfortunately beside my suite, decided to make quite the racket... 11 seconds of noise followed by 9 seconds of anticipating more noise is not a good way to sleep, or to plan outfits for. 

However, when I arrived home from work, I ran into the power engineer working on it, and he assured me tonight would be better.  In this picture, I'm listening to the sounds of silence from the boiler room... and, of course, the sounds of silence by Simon and Garfunkel.

Turtleneck:  Smart Set
Sheath dress:  Smart Set
MJ's... still Rockports... still from Shoe Warehouse.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Shopping

After having slaved away at my essay (oddly on my living room floor, rather that at my desk... I don't question what the whims as long as they work), I allowed myself an afternoon of aimless wandering through Regina. 

Turns out, not as much to discover as I would have liked, and standing on the corner waiting for this bus in this outfit wasn't a good idea. 

In any event, the tights kept me warm as I waited, and the boots were comfy (and dry) to walk in. 

Please note:  this isn't my desk either, but the desk I've set up for Scott.  His computer just matched my outfit better. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dressing in the dark

I've been really tired lately and have been falling asleep at 9:30 preventing the ability to actually get any outfits planned ahead of time.  With Scott's schedule being different than mine, I try to dress quietly in order to let him sleep longer.  Sometimes, this means dressing in the dark.

The benefit of this is that I tend to play more with texture, because those things are easy to feel.  That's how I ended up with my cozy tights, tweedy skirt, and a very seamed shirt.  Fortunately, the belt was still kicking around my dresser from a few weeks ago.  Even with the more A-line shape of the skirt, I felt I needed some belting to define a waist.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Tuesday feels like a Monday!

The problem with long weekends is that they're just not long enough. This morning, it was hard getting out of bed, so I didn't put a lot of thought into my outfit:

Pants - Smart Set
Sweater - Smart Set
Cami - Smart Set
Scarf - Grandma's closet
Boots - Aldo

Of course, it being a Tuesday, I had class, necessitating a change of outfits for the walk. Since I hadn't planned anything, I decided I'd just put on a whole new outfit. However, I decided that if I just swapped out one article from the outfit, I'm sure I could come up with something. Thus, enter the skinny jeans! Aw, and look at my cute little post-thanksgiving belly pudge!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Even I don't know where I've been

I know, I disappeared... I odn't even know why.  I'd take pictures, and just be too lazy upload them.  And of course, now that I feel like blogging, I'm 600 km away from my home computer for Thanksgiving.  I do have my camera and cord somewhere around here, and so I can throw it onto my netbook, but that just seems like so much work.
The major downfall of coming "home" when you've moved away is realizing exactly how much you either a) love the new place and don't feel at home in the old place or b) how much you miss the old place and hate the new place.
After the last 24 hours, I've realized that it's been a lot of lies I've been telling myself to be convinced that I don't hate where things will be for the next 2 + years.  I think the only thing that will really encourage me to go back at the end of the weekend is the fact that Scott's there, and after being constantly in each other's faces for the last 5 weeks, I miss him kind of crazily.
All right, there are 3 outfits that are in my queue - the first is a casual favourite which I love wearing to work, becuase there's enough "office type elements" that I feel it definitely fits into the "we range from business suits to jeans and ball cap" type attire you find in my office.

Dress:  Bluenotes
Cami:  Smart Set
Tights: Smart Set
Jacket:  Stitches

Then we move onto the day of cold - I failed to plan for the early winter that is upon us, and so dressing for work, with a windchill and only summer layers has proven difficult. However, layering hoodies under jackets seems to work.

This is my first "business appropriate strapless dress" combinations that I'll be trying over the next couple weeks.  I love A-line skirts, but usually end up buying straight skirts, which becomes difficult for me to wear, since I don't have any curves.  I knew I wanted to wear my new argyle tights (well - newish.  I picked them up on massive sale this summer, but jsut was holding out on wearing them).  Layering a wrap sweater over top of it always reminds me of the perfect mix between the openness of a cardigan, but the shape of a fitted sweater.

Dress:  Smart Set
Sweater:  Smart Set
Tights: Zellers
MJ's:  Shoe Warehouse

And finally, today's outfit... and my sister's cat with the demon eyes.  It's the return of sweater dress season!!!  I layered it with a basic shirt and skinny jeans.  I worked some more on breaking in my cowboy boots, too, but they're far too sore for putting back on for pictures. 

Shirt:  Smart Set
Dress:  Giant Tiger
Pants:  Bluenotes (altered)
Cowboy boots:  Value Village

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall colours

Thanksgiving is coming up really quickly, and I don't think I've ever been this excited about the holiday.  Sure, I love me some pumpkin pie, but really, there is little saying pumpkin pie is only allowed at Thanksgiving.  However, I get to go home for Turkey-Day weekend!  Sure, I'm having to leave the boy here, but not only do I get a bed to myself again (whew!) but I get to see all kinds of family, especially couple uncles I haven't seen in a couple of years. 

In any event, I'm not allowing myself to pack my suitcase until tomorrow, so you'll just have to deal with today's outfit

Sweater:  Smart Set
Cami:  Smart Set
Pants:  Garage
Shoes:  Footlocker (Nike sneakers)
Jacket:  Smart Set (Thrifted)
Belt:  Steve Madden

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Full skirts and Cowboy boots

I picked up this skirt with my Superbucks from Superstore. Even without the "Cash for Gas" deal, I couldn't pass it up at $4. However, I've had it for a week and a half, and I haven't been able to find a way to wear it that makes me all that happy with it. I don't mind today's, but it doesn't do much for me. So before I consider it $4 wasted, I thought I'd seek the advice of the masses - how would you wear this skirt?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Capsule Wardrobe Run Down

I think the capsule wardrobe, coming at the end of September, worked much like the last month has for me: learning to roll with the punches.   I've felt like I've taken a lot of punches over the last few weeks, which shouldn't be surprising given the fact I am embarking on a new journey in life, it's just always tough to remember that. 
Anyway, I think the pieces of my wardrobe ended up being:
1.  Black Pinstripe Pants
2.  Black pinstripe Jacket
3.  Black shirt Dress
4.  Green tuxedo shirt
5.  Teal tank/ vest
6.  Black sweater
7.  Skinny jeans
8.  Black leather jacket
9.  Black Ballet flats
10.  Black sneakers (worn when ballet flats were soaking :( I could have done it with 9 pieces)

My accessories stayed the same as previously mentioned.  Please do note, however, that I didn't consider the belt from the shirt dress as a seperate accessory as it was a self-belt, though I did use it on other outfits.  I'm calling it a grey area.

All together, I made 8 outfits... which was your favourite? 
Which outfit was your favourite?
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Last day

Something miraculous happened last night... I got a full night's sleep without waking up at all.  I think that's the first time it's happened since I've moved in.  Of course, it was aided by some wonderful cold medicine but that's not the point.  I woke up feeling relatively refreshed (because face it, one night isn't going to reverse a whole month's sleep pattern), and once I coughed up a lung, I started to feel human again.

And then I discovered Glee (the TV show) and ended up almost missing my shower, lunch and some PD seminars.  So the outfit wasn't that creative today - it was literally picking up the closest articles of clothing.  But I think it worked for a bright but casual look for the day. 

I'll certainly be glad to return to options of foot wear - the cheap ballet flats that got me through the week definitely have done a number to my feet. 

I'll do a break down tomorrow of the entire event... I've got some cuddling to do with Scott now that I don't have snot dripping out of all my orifices. 

Oh, I guess I should explain the pose - someone mentioned to me at a "Meet the Profs" type event that I have great posture, was I ballerina? and I launched into a somewhat tipsy commentary on my "Living Room Ballerina" career, and it stuck in my head all night. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Month, New Attitude

I'm not feeling any better, and judging by bag of food formerly known as breakfast AND lunch sitting on my desk at home, and not, in fact, at the office with me, I can't say that life is treating me any better.

However, I've decided that begrudging all the stuff I have to do while trying to fend off this cold isn't helping it go away any faster.

As such, I'd like to thank Jane for setting up this clothing experiment.  I had a lot of fun figuring out what clothes to pick, and then bargaining with myself as to what the rules were for some grey areas (ie:  swapping out, "necessary vs. fashion items").  I've been following Jane's blog since the first Capsule Wardrobe challenge, and have loved following the ins and outs of her life and wardrobe.  While I thought it was kind of ironic that I was participating in this challenge, given my personal challenge for this blog is to make better use of my clothes, I guess I've learned that I don't need as much as I thought to have an adventurous wardrobe!

On that note, I present today - another swap took place.  I swapped out my black sneakers (not yet worn) for this black blazer to give me a professional look this morning when all I wanted to wear was jeans, but felt I needed to be a little more presentable while working as a TA.

However, there is a slight issue.  I was all ready to pack my ballet flats this morning, knowing I'd have to wear rainboots because the puddles were ankle deep last night when Scott and I came home.  But then I remembered: the puddles were ankle deep last night when Scott and I came home, so my ballet flats were still wet.  As such, I had to resort to the black sneakers.  Right now, I'm considering them a gimme, becuase I didn't expect to be caught out in the rain, but I'll see what I can craft for tomorrow.

I did also switch jackets, but again, that was out of necessity.  And to make up for that, I  took a pic of what I actually ended up going out in, too!  That means it's an 8 outfit accomplishment!