Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I swear, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!  I'm simultaneously working on three posts for this blog, so there will be a great deluge of posting soon, in comparison to my habits of late. 

I've had a fabulous Christmas, and I'm looking forward to New Years and my birthday (on the 6th!!), all of which have presented me with some fabulous and challenging wardrobe adventures!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Party!

I usually am so busy over Christmas that I regret agreeing to go to so many Christmas parties.  However, this year, I only have one, so it seems very empty!.  However, despite still feeling under the weather, I knew I couldn't miss the ESA Christmas party. 

This picture really sucks. I didn't realize that when I got home, because I was exhausted.  Between having both Scott's and my cars dying the previous day, still not being finished an essay despite getting an extension, and completely missing my two naps that day, I am surprised that I do look as decent as I do. 

I'm loving layering tights.  There is something fun about pairing dark fishnets and bright tights.  I'm hoping to be able to do a lot with these blue tights this year, especially since I have my new awesome shoes, which have yet to be worn (something about H1N1, and not being allowed to go to work kind of makes it difficult to introduce new footwear, given how cozy slippers have become). 

I've also challenged myself to start doing stuff with my hair.  I'm contemplating cutting it REALLY short, so I figure I better make use of the length while I still have it. 

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sick Sack

I had every intention of starting to post regularly again, but alas, my luck has continued to fail me.  After struggling through two major colds, I managed to come down with H1N1.  Of course, it's a very mild case, and after 3 days on the couch, I'm actually feeling quite like myself again.  Of course, I still have a fever, and am probably still contagious, but I'll take an extra couple days off of work to finish up some homework and protect the health of my co-workers and contemporaries. 

However, I have been watching a lot of TV, and while I've been disregarding a lot of it (I don't think I need to consider plastic surgery at my age), I have been enjoying a lot of the more fashion geared shows.  There is something comforting about wearing jammies while watching reruns of What Not To Wear.

It's rather sad, though.  I actually set my alarm to make sure that I'm awake from my nap in time for it.  However, I've firmly believed the power of the little things to make you feel better. 

Friday, December 4, 2009

I need new shoes

I loved this outfit when I first started teaching.  I was working in a classroom with an old school board - you know... the black ones that shed chalk when you as much as looked at them, even from a distance.  Thus, I found it very useful to be wearing clothes that would allow the chalk to blend in - such as this tweed skirt and this mottled teal sweater.  I was reminiscing about chalkboards one night*, and remembered about outfits such as this, thus inspiring me to wear it to work.

However, something about it now just doesn't work, and I think it's the sweater's fault, which is really sad, since I have two others exactly like it but in navy and brown.  (There was a time when I wore teal so often it became one of my pseudo-neutrals).  The skirt is A-line, which always helps narrow the waist, but the sweater is cut straight, and a bit too long.  I'll have to take a critical look at it the next time I throw it on.

Also receiving a critical look were the shoes, not here pictured.  Originally, I would have worn this outfit with a pair of Mary Janes that were not good quality and thus died a quick and painful death after a few weeks teaching.  This time, I wore them with their replacement pair, which was a higher quality, and a sleeker line.  When I went to take the picture, the shoes were still in my bag (it snowed so I'm in boots until I get to work), which, of course, I didn't realize until the red light on the self timer was already flashing.  However, I realized that I'd been wearing these shoes pretty much every work day since I told my brown shoes that they were just as dead to me as those cheap black mary janes. 

So today, when I was out doing some Christmas shopping, I happened upon a pair of leather black heeled oxfords at 50% off.  I carried them around the store as I contemplated other purchases.  I got so used to carrying them I almost walked out the door when I couldn't find any presents for anyone on my list.  I figured if I almost stole them, I might as well just buy them, since subconsciously I probably did that on purpose.  Arriving at the till, I discovered they were an additional 15% of the discounted price!  While they definitely weren't the brown pair of dress shoes I desperately need, they'll at least swap out the MJ's at least every few days now!

Of course, just as justification, I have decided that since I bought the shoes, they must have a specific purpose.  They are now for the Christmas party that I wasn't planning on attending.  Gotta love when a purchase creates the need for more purchases.

*ironically, my allergy to chalk became more severe since that first teaching placement. I wrote something on the board yesterday in one of my classes, and ended up being unable to stop coughing for a good 5 minutes)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The joy that is snow

It's been a while, again.  I've been sick, again.  I thought I was actually starting to feel better these last few days, until last night, when I found myself being woken for supper - and I rarely nap.  Even now, I am pausing to yawn, and I slept, at least so I thought, rather well last night.  Rumour has it, however, I woke frequently to steal the blankets back and stare menacingly at the person who wanted to share them.  That's what he gets for not pay his share of rent yet...
I was, however, in a fine mood this morning . Better than fin, I'd say.  I woke up to see a pile of snow on the previously brown ground, which immediately launched me into a Christmas Carol Medley, including a rendition of Oscar The Grouch's "I Hate Christmas" for the grunpy bum that insisted on trying to drown me out with a pillow. 
My favourite part about the snow?  Finally being able to put on my winter boots.  I have a large selection of boots - both winter and other - and I do quite love my winter boots as much as the rest.  While I had hoped to create an outfit with the black boots and a dress, the majority of my tights (and socks, and shirts, etc) are in the laundry.  Nothing overly exciting about todays outfit, nor do I have a good picture of it, as I took it seconds ago, as I'm killing time between work and class.  Oh well, such is luck!