Friday, January 29, 2010

Black backgrounds

Since my engagement ring doesn't fit my finger yet (it's going to be sent away to be sized today), I've been wearing it on a chain around my neck (à la Carrie Bradshaw - minus the whole "pre-wedding freak out").  However, I still want it to look exceptionally presentable, so I've been trying to see how I can wear my tops to accentuate it.  Ultimately, this leads to higher neck black tops, of which I have only really one, and it is one that I struggle to style well.  It's a trapeze top (is that the term I want?  I call it my tent shirt, but that's fairly derogatory), which is not a shape with which I'm usually comfortable.  By tucking it into a higher waisted pant, I usually am OK with it, but I've had little luck any other way.

I knew I was going to wear jeans today because we've returned to the regular winter weather of -31 windchill in the morning.  I think adding the cardigan (also a trickier item for me, as it isn't as form fitting as I'd like) helped, but it's the belt that really ties it all together... I get the shape I want, but also the presentation of the ring I had hoped for!  Success!

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