Friday, January 8, 2010

Saskatchewan Survival Guide #2

Ah yes, it's day #2 of frigidly cold temperatures (-40 with the windchill at noon).  I'm torn between suggesting a bus pass (because even if you plugged your car in last night, there's no guarantee it will start today!) and what I had originally planned:  a big purse.    However, a bus pass doesn't quite fit with the whole fashion themed blog, so I'll continue on as planned. 

A big purse is important in the wintry prairies.  There are many reasons for this, but today two were most evident to me.  First of all, I'm not one of those people who is willing to leave a few pairs of shoes at work and commute in boots.  I prefer to select my shoes to coordinate with my outfit, and there simply isn't enough room at my desk to haul in a whole shoe collection.  Not to mention the fact I only work one day a week, and I'd go through shoe separation anxiety for the other 6 days.  A big purse allows for a pair of shoes to be stashed inside of it conveniently, so there are fewer bags to grab as you run out the door, decreasing the chance of forgetting the shoes, and having to wear boots all day.  In fact, some days, I can fit my lunch, my shoes and my book all in the same bag... but those are the days I feel like I'm forgetting something, because it just seems too easy to carry it all in one bag.

Secondly, a big bag is necessary outside of shoe storage.  Winter shopping becomes difficult, as you bundle up to go outside, and swelter as you traipse through the mall.  Even if you take your mitts, toque and scarf off, you have to struggle with either bulging pockets or full hands.  A big purse not only lets you stash these winter accessories inside, but also still be able to access your wallet when the all essential purchases occur.

And of course, there is also the benefit of being slightly more environmentally conscious - any purchases made can be stashed in there as well, decreasing the use of plastic bags. 

On a related note, the one day a week I am working now is a Friday.  Generally, I would feel comfortable in a pair of dark washed jeans, or another more casual, but polished look for a Friday.  However, since it's the only day I work in a professional environment, and I have a closet full of clothing designed for that express purpose, I figure it's all right to kick it up a notch, since I can wear jeans the other 4 days of the week. 

I started out the day in a pair of black pants and a black vest, but thought that looked too professional for my job, and switched it out for a pair of grey pants and a pin stripe vest.  Feeling pretty pulled together, especially with my oxford shooties, I thought I was rather professional, and looked closer to my now 26 years of age.  Evidently not everyone agreed.  The transit agent in my building assumed I was a high school student, and laughed at me when I asked for a post-secondary pass.  Some day I might see that as a compliment, but for now it just means I look like a little kid playing dress up.

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