Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saskatchewan Survival Guide

For the record, yesterday was my birthday. And I played up the birthday girl part, and, at least in my opinion, I looked hot. Well, for about 5 minutes. There are two times when homesickness becomes all the more prevalent: when you've just returned from a visit at home, and on your birthday. Combining the two, well, that just spells a recipe for disaster.

Despite not being all that celebratory on the occasion of my 26th year, I am determined to make the most of it. I'm not going to make huge declarations that I'll make this the best year of my life. I'm just going to make sure that this year doesn't suck. And you know, as much as that is due to my lack of ability to see the sunny side, it's also very realistic. I don't want to be further disappointed by having these grand hopes that a simple change in attitude will make winter less cold, Regina closer to home, and this apartment any bigger, all things that would involve some mega powers that I do not have.

However, today was a new day, and while I'm still 370 km from home in -36 degree temperature, I did leave my 670 sq foot home (which sounds bigger than it is - I have oversized - but free - furniture, and a Scott). And this is what I wore:

Most importantly, is a pair of skinny jeans. I find jeans are warmer than cords or any other kind of pants against the windchill. Don't get me wrong - nothing says fall / winter like a good pair of cords, just not for walking any distance. The skinny jean is necessary because it snows like crazy here in the prairies, and they don't seem to plow the roads. Thus, the sidewalks are even lower of a priority. If your jeans can't easy and comfortably fit inside your boots, once you get to where you're going, your invariably stuck with wet cold ankles. Sure, sure, you can tuck any jean into any boot with enough determination, but we all know how uncomfortable that is, and unless you're planning on changing shoes as soon as you get to where you're going, how bad it can look. And people said that skinny jeans were just a frivalous trend...

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  1. Here I am complaining about 17 degrees!~ At least you looked great!~


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