Friday, January 15, 2010

Surviving... without any tips!

It's now been gorgeous for 7 straight days, so instead of thinking of ways to survive winter, I've been out enjoying it.  It's been great pulling on shoes instead of boots, layering sweaters instead of parkas, and deciding to walk to the grocery store instead of drive.  While I did resolve to do more blogging, I have no regrets - when the temperature hovers around the freezing mark in January you don't question it... you take advantage of it! 

The difficulty, of course, is that this spring fever which has come upon me has reduced my ability to think logically.  There have been many a day this week when I've soaked my canvas sneakers through on my walk to and from class. So this morning I was smart - I wore a more solid fabric shoe with a heel.  Of course, this did mean sliding down the back lane in my new pumps hoping that I didn't have to run for the bus*.

But in any event, this is a dress I've been wanting to wear for a while, as I bought it in summer, but didn't have the shoes to go with it.  These shoes came as part of my birthday present from my parents.  I love the retro feel to them.  I'm still a little wary of them, as I have tended to stay away from rounded toe shoes, except in a ballet flat.  The strap detailing also is making me wonder if it's shortening my legs, but I'll have to see when I take pictures.

The dress, after surviving round one of alterations, is getting close to where I want it.  Next time I'm home, I'm shortening the sleeves, so I don't feel so 80s.

*I drafted this post during my lunch break at work.  As I ran to the bus after work, I did not slip on the ice.  No, no, rather I baptized these shoes in a big puddle of slush.  Sigh.  


  1. Lovely dress and I love the shoes as well.

  2. Great shoes! I really like the dress.


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