Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm not loving this look.  The hair needs a trim and a style.  The vest looks too formal paired with the jeans, and the red shoes, which I wore to add a pop of colour, seem to come out of nowhere.  This is a very bad way to start out my new challenge.

As you will note, every Friday I complain that I feel over dressed, but insist on wearing some of the more professional clothing I own to work, becuase what good is it doing in my closet? Having watched, for a few weeks, the outfits of some of the other people in my classes, it was almost second nature to take a look at what they were wearing and figure out how I'd wear it to work... why not do the opposite with myself?

So each week, I'm going to strive to take one article of clothing that would normally be relegated to "work" wear and try to make it into a "school" wear outfit.

I think I hindered myself with this vest.  It was a present from my parents, and admittedly not something I probably would have purchased myself, having not made enough use out of the vest my sister and brother-in-law got me last year.  However, I find that presents are a good way to expand my fashion sense, so I thanked them kindly, and have since struggled to make it work.  I did adequately well pairing it for work (not pictured:  but with trouser jeans and a button up shirt).  However, not being able to firmly identify the "me" way to wear this didn't help my attempt to try to change the way I usually wear it.

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  1. This looks cute. I think simply unbottoning the vest would make it more casual.


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