Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's true, I frequently lie

All right, so I lied... I'm definitely blogging today.  MY sister even laughed at me saying she knew I'd blog even after saying I wouldn't.  So I'll only partially retract my statement;  I'll be blogging intermittently.

I think my favourite thing about this outfit is the neck line.  I have to wear a slip with the skirt (especially since I"m in tights), and so I usually end up with the super comfy full slip that I then wear to bed for multiple nights of coziness, however, the neck of the slip is higher than the neck of the dress.  My solution?  Work with it... I have three different necklines... the scoop (slip - white), the v-neck (sweater - black) and the cowl (dress - pink).  I did debate whether the outfit needed some accessories in the space above these multiple necklines, but ultimately decided against it.. it would be too busy.

Also, I forgot this dress had pockets.  And I love pockets.

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  1. Great styling Cara... I love how you added the black inner top to further accentuate the neckline. xoxo


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