Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I can't say I was motivated out of environmental concern. I can't say I was motivated out of concern for the condition of my hair.  My recent decision to give up washing my hair every day spring from my poor skin's need to not be subjected to the drying effects of daily showering during cold, dry winters.  

While my hair has already begun adjusting to the less frequent washing by becoming actually less greasy than usual, the issue has become what to do with my hair on the second day of this two day cycle.  While throwing it upin some fashion has become necessary, there is one main detriment:  it is nearly impossible to wear a toque and an updo simultaneously. 

And winter in Manitoba is cold.  And bitter.  And it chills us to the bone.  (Sorry, I had to).  While everything worked well during that nice thaw we had, the blizzard brought with it a cold front that isn't as bad as we're used to, but definitely nippy on the ears. 

While I'm certain I can knit my way out of this predicament (with some creativity in some form), for now, I alternate between freezing my ears on the way to school, and ruining my hair on the way home. 


  1. If you can find them, good old fashioned ear muffs work.

    And enjoy all the free time you get from not washing, I know I do. I wish I could braid like that!~

  2. Now, I realize that my short hair full of product is a different story than yours, but I offer a word of caution: the frequency may decrease as you become adjusted.

    My confession? Sometimes I go up to five days, but usually only because I'm not used to taking that extra time to wash it. Ideally, the number stays around 3.

    I do find, however, that unwashed hair looks much better, because it's easier to style. So, I suggest imaginative up-dos. (Did I just write "up-dos" on a public forum? I shall stop now.)


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