Friday, February 26, 2010

My Knit Creation

I love this dress - pure wool, fully lined, and $10.  However, there are two problems with it.  After my winter illness, the dress is too big, particularly in the chestal region. Having spent the day pulling it up (when at my desk) or keeping my lungs full of air, when around my coworkers, I've resolved that the simple inclusion of 4 little hooks on the inside of the dress will allow me to use some removable straps from another dress to keep myself appropriate and comfortable the next time I wear it covered with a sweater.

The other issue is the shoe choice.  I had intended to go for white tights today, until I remembered I wore them yesterday.  I went with navy, to emphasize the navy of the plaid, but then found the brown shoes (which I admittedly wore anyway)  didn't really work as well as if I'd done white or nude tights.  I loved the random pop of colour that I got with my commuter shoe (as I wore once before), but they seemed to casual.  Here is how I've worn it other times in other seasons, to a variety of successes and failures)Any advice?

Also, I'm very impressed with myself.  I had started making this capelet (apparently an Anthropologie inspired piece) after Christmas, but ended up giving it to my sister for her birthday.  I started again, albeit with cheaper materials, and had this very dress in mind when I made it.  I like that it's a bit chunkier to work with the plaid, and that, since it's reversibly, and thus closes with a broach, I can customize the colour and style every time I wear it.  I'm thinking of making a finer knit one for summer.  Any advice on colour?


  1. You make your own clothes now? I'm impressed.

    I also applaud the yellow shoes, although I'm not convinced that they work with this ensemble. I do vote for them over the brown ones though.

  2. I love the yellow with it- I really do! Though I probably would have chickened out and went for the brown myself at the last minute.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. wow, that IS similar! great dress!

  4. I'm just getting around to responding to some of the comments from my earlier posts and saw yours with this autumn dress. I love it! I hope you found a way to wear it so that it's not too loose on you, because it's fantastic.


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