Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A blustery cold day

I decided last night that I'd better try on my planned outfit for today just in case it didn't work.  I wasn't too concerned, since I had a back up plan.  However, I failed to think of the weight of the fabric as well as the fit when I tried to recreate this look.  In other words, my flannel plaid shirt failed.  I felt all smug as I went about assembling my "back up" outfit, but again my plans were foiled - how could I be missing my favourite black tank top?  Yes, I have about 5, but the others don't have the versitility that this one did.  Rather than fretting about it all night, I resolved to do better in the morning.

Of course, this morning I'm just about to throw on the clothes that came to me in my sleep when I look out the window, and decided it might be an idea to check out the weather.  Indeed - despite having forecasted highs above 0 all week, it was uber-windy this morning, and about -15.  Suddenly that "one jacket" that Jane allowed us cold-climate people wasn't seeming warm enough.  I'd been wearing a leather jacket that, in all honesty, is only really warm to about -3, though I tend to stretch it to about -9.  I had no choice but to reach for my winter jacket.  While it does break the rules, I am considering it a trade off for a hat / toque that was offered and I haven't yet worn.  Of course, it might have been a good idea to wear one since the hoar frost that has been making the prairies seem so mystical is now flying off tree branches with some force, inevitably hitting me in the ear, the eye, and every where that I should know better than to leave uncovered.  Oh, Canadian Prairies... why must you always disappoint!

Given the cold weather, I decided to wear the plaid shirt with jeans, and add my warm boots to the mix.  THe hoar frost is the only form of percipitation that is falling, and it certainly doesn't warrant the need for boots, but my office for the morning is notoriously under heated and I take great comfort in keeping my feet warm.  Sometimes too warm, but none the less, it is much better than the alternative.

However, my total is now at 9 pieces.  If the weather keeps toying with me, I'm not entirely sure what I will do, considering Friday is the "Difficult Day", with work, then a student academic conference followed by a pizza party.

PS - my face is red mostly from the wind... (and not the post-lecture beer)


  1. I really like this outfit. It calls for a warm cup of hot chocolate :)


  2. Layers! Throw the stripey top underneath the red top, then put the cardi over it. Add your belt, skirt and wear a thick pair of tights and your boots. Voila!


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