Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Case of the Missing Accessories

I love how people are starting to pick up that my outfits are lacking accessories.  In all honesty, there are three reasons for this, and they were all true at various points of the week.

When blurose first commented, my initial thought was: "Ya, include a necklace, and lose a pair of shoes... ha!"... until I realized that Jane has organized shoes under "Clothing" and not "Accessories" (which definitely complicated my planning for a little bit).

Secondly, I don't frequently do that much accessorizing during a normal week, mainly because I don't have that many accessories.  I do want to expand this selection, but every time I hit a store, I think "Why am I paying all this money for this when I could just make it myself"... which of course, I never do.

And finally, I always forget that that red shirt is as low cut as it is.  It's difficult to wear a necklace with the striped top because of the neckline being so high, and having the details it does.  Since it's only one outfit where I clearly needed a necklace (I will agree, it definitely needed something), I decided not to fret about it too much - I had barely enough creativity to come up with the clothing portion!

My accessories thus far have been
 - my school bag (which I chose to include, because I do have it on me at all times, and I did choose this bag over a traditional backpack for most of the week, oddly, the exception being today... though I am carrying huge text books.  I'm not counting the backpack since I"m leaving it in my office all day, and not carrying it around like I tend to do with the other bag).
 - a wide black belt
 - a narrow black belt (though that wasn't really a dominant piece - I bet you can't find it in any of the pictures!  It was necessary, though - the skinny jeans do frequently attempt to fall down!)
 - a black scarf (which technically could count towards the "winter bonus" items, but since I wear it as a shawl during my work in my cold cold office, I felt I had to count it.

That places me at 4 accessories, with one more day to go, and admittedly, that's the one that counts, since I'll be attending my first academic conference.  Since I'm oddly nervous about the Friday portion (despite the fact I don't present until Saturday), I'll most likely grab a necklace or brooch from my grandma to wear so I'll have a small token to remind me of the people who always support me!

But don't worry!  I'll definitely looking at how to make accessories, and how to make them work for me, especially over the summer when I have more time to flex my creative fingers.

As for today's outfit, I will admit, I feel slightly costume-y in it.  My fiancĂ©'s friends, when I first met them, were excessively anti-emo, so now whenever I've got the skinny jeans, the ked-knock-offs, and some stripey layering, I am acutely aware that I definitely took some fashion cues from the high school emo boys I used to teach, and that Scott's friends would mock.  However, I love the layering of stripes, and the comfort of sneakers, so I laugh off the mockery I hear in my head, and remember how, despite their strong opinions, we do really miss them, since we moved.


  1. I love how you layered everything... great look! xoxo


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