Friday, March 12, 2010

Is this casual enough for you?

Sunday morning I woke up with a stomach flu and that knocked me out for most of the week (yes, I'm a very sickly girl... I need to remember to eat more vegetables), so I didn't get a chance to do the capsule wardrobe roundup.  I think my only comment is that I wish it would have been warmer so I could have experimented more with tights, rather than being relegated to jeans. 

A couple Fridays ago, when I was at work, I overheard a coworker comment: "Should we tell her Fridays are casual?" and I smiled to myself, knowing very much I had the opportunity to wear jeans, and yet chose an outfit of jeans, an embroidered tee, and a blazer*.  I did, however, decide that this week would be a good time to scale it back a bit, since I'd been forced to wear my "fat jeans" all week, so as to keep the waist band as far as possible from adding any additional pain to my stomach. 

However, there was no comment today on what I was wearing.  It got me thinking:  people generally only comment on what we wear when it's different than the expectation.  For example, if I worked, let's say, at Tuesday at the office, and wore a pair of dress pants, a dress shirt and a sweater, with some heels, no comment would be made.  If I wore the same outfit to a class, someone would inevitably comment. 

Perhaps I'm thinking about this because yesterday, a friend walked past my office at school and I thought: "she looks really good today," and the thought had slipped my mind before I had a chance to tell her.  With that in mind, I think I'm going to make a conscious effort to comment more on people who look particularly nice (even if what they are wearing is exactly what one would expect them to).

*no pics - I'm still sickly looking!

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  1. OOH Get well soon.Thanks for the advice it is very helpful and made me think.


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