Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Second Verse, Same as the First!

This morning, I didn't feel like being any more creative than I had on Sunday night, so again, we have "this is what I want to wear, I'll figure out how it all works later".  All right, that's not entirely true.  When I had worn my striped shirt yesterday I again debated whether it was black or navy, and thus decided it was both, and would wear it both ways this week.  Of course, the only way to wear it as navy would be to pair it with navy, which narrowed down options to basically this cardigan, or another dress which would be entirely too fancy for my week. However, now I'm stuck in this weird position of knowing what I'm wearing on top, but not wanting to pair it with either today or yesterdays bottom, and not being any where near my closet to figure out what will work with it.  I wish there was something with the comfort and warmth of pants but that isn't pants.  However, I've gone through and quickly itemized what I'll be wearing for most days, so hopefully now I'll be more prepared tomorrow!

I am now at 7 pieces after adding
- navy cardigan
- red wrap shirt
- skinny jeans
- red sneakers (which I'm not actually wearing properly in the picture)


  1. Lovely, but the low cut shirt is kind of suggesting a nice big necklace. That would draw even more attention to your amazing features.

  2. Pfft, a navy/black striped shirt is neutral - you can wear any colour at all with this. :) I agree with bluerose: a necklace or a big earring (or even a scarf) would look great with this.

    You rock the skinny jeans - so jealous!


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