Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF... I guess

It's finally Friday.  I don't know why I feel a sense of relief every Friday - it's not like I have a schedule that dictates I actually get weekends, and in fact, this weekend is busier than most with a conference and very quick trip back home, not to mention a research proposal due on Tuesday. 

Today is probably the outfit that pushed me the farthest... which is kind of hilarious, since I didn't get a chance to see myself in a full length mirror before shopping on my coffee break, and my first thought was "that looks so boring!".  Despite believing myself to be a safe, humdrum dresser, I suppose I had an unconscious addiction to colour!  However, the point of the outfit was to play with the "Is it Navy?  Is it Black?" question that has been plaguing me all week.  Not being one to mix black and navy, I decided to heed the advice of Kasmira:  mixing black and navy can be done, but it must look intentional. 

I'm wearing the skirt from Monday, the shirt from Monday, and Thursday, the shoes from Monday, and the belt from Monday and Wednesday.  While it doesn't a) stand out or b) really make all that much sense with the outfit, I'm wearing my Grandmother's cookoo clock necklace becuase, well, I love it.  I've hit my 10 clothing items and my 5 accessories for the week! 

Hopefully I'll have time to do a rundown of the whole thing tomorrow, however, I don't even know when I'll have time to take a picture and post it for today!

(Oh, and todays tights are navy, even if they don't look like it in the picture)

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  1. Congratulations - you made it and still looking good.
    I hope you have a lovely (if not busy) weekend.


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