Monday, April 19, 2010

Proud moment!

Scott has slowly been evolving his wardrobe from comic book t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans that his mom bought to actually paying attention to what he's wearing.  After just having bought him a suit last summer as a grad gift, I thought he was reading to take on the world of job interviews.  Little did either of us realize, the suit quickly swam on him, and he was in need of another interview appropriate outfit pronto.  As much as I hated shopping with him in the past, he seems a lot more comfortable in his body, and in change rooms.  Not wanting to re-invent the suit (since we have plans to get it tailored), we searched for a suit alternative, and ended up with pants and a vest from Le Chateau - a shop he would not have been caught dead in 12 months ago.  While the outfit did need some tailoring (seriously, I realize Scott's not that tall, but I took 4 1/2 inches off the bottom of his pants today), I'm damn impressed... and he pretty much chose it all by himself!  He's going to look fabulous when he heads off to his interview today

I only the other hand wasn't dressing for success, but comfort... and comfortable I was!

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  1. He looks awesome - very professional and confident! I had a tough time getting my husband into Le Chateau as well, but they do have some good basics (and nice colours!) that are tailored more for a modern man (as opposed to an old lawyer).

    You look lovely in green.

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my kitty.


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