Monday, May 3, 2010

Back at it, full time

The alarm went off this morning at some horrifying hour, and I refused to acknowledge it.  Mondays are bad enough as it is, but when you're used to not having to be dressed and out the door until 2 in the afternoon, the early morning alarm clock is twice as shrill.

Fortunately, I had sidestepped the first major pitfall of the day by ensuring that I knew what I was going to wear before bed.  Granted, that was a feat in itself - if I hadn't remembered about the May Inspiration calendar, the thought of finding five work outfits would have overwhelmed me. 

The only pitfall now that I have to deal with is the quandary of office washroom etiquette.  As a new owner of a set of braces, eating at the office requires some post-food hygiene to ensure that a) my teeth are as healthy as possible to weather the wear and tear of metal and wire, and that b) I don't embarrass myself with the lingering remnants of my lunch.  However, brushing in the office restroom is highly unconventional, at least based on the looks I tend to get.  It's difficult finding a time during the lunch break to be in the bathroom alone, despite being on a less-populated floor.


  1. Feh, go ahead and brush your teeth. I floss, brush and do my pushups off the bathroom counter (do 10 every time you pee, before you brush your hands - you will have a great upper body in about two weeks).

    My coworkers look at me strangely, but at least I don't have food in my teeth (and I have nice arms, ha!).

    You look great today - that purple is awesome on you.

  2. I adore this outfit - professional and stylish!

    Apparently our office is open about oral hygiene - I've seen lots of people (including myself) brush and floss in the bathroom, and even in their office :) I say to heck with it - brush and floss away!


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