Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's the third day of snow in a row, but I wasn't going to let it get me down*. I'm just going to fake it until it is spring again... but that's mostly just because I set my clothes out last night, and didn't want to figure out something new this morning.

I had placed the outfit on the bed, trying to figure out whether I liked the matchy-matchy or hated it.  Then I thought; "really, who will actually complain that it goes a little TOO well?"

I did have one comment, but it definitely wasn't derogatory (or complimentary).  I stepped into the elevator (can you believe my building actually doesn't have stair cases that go between floors?  They all lead down to the main floor, outside!  The doors to the various floors remain locked once in the stairwells!) and a man said to me: "My god!  I knew it was cold outside, but your legs have turned blue!"  I am very thankful he didn't make any jokes about my chest.

* This theory failed when I got a phone call from my fiance telling me he was stuck at work because the tire on his car was flat.  I put on my "man pants" and mitts, and did the dutiful handy-fiance thing and changed his tire.  In the snow and mud.

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  1. Love the blue on blue with the b&w print. What a perfect match between your tights and top!


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