Friday, May 14, 2010

Number Nine (and Ten!)

Today's assets are probably not the ones I am most known for.  They are my hair and my chest.  My hair is pin straight.  It doesn't really hold a style.  It has no volume, and it's very fine.  But it can shine, and that's why I love it. I've been keeping it long lately, but I'm starting to think I'm the type of girl that will make it until about 6 weeks before her wedding, and then chop it all off.  And this time, I'm blaming it all on this city:  there is so much wind here that short hair is the only hair that makes sense.

As for my chest, Scott suggested it and I said: "But how do I feature it AND make it work apporpriate" and he said that my chest was the right size to display while still being work appropriate... and so I did.  I love what this shirt does to my chest.  It make an A into an A+!  With the jacket on, of course, it's a must less overt change.

Oh, and interesting fact... I'm really embracing this "anti-bride" title I've given myself.  I was walking past a bridal store on the way to the bus, and saw a $99 informal wedding sample sale.  I walked in... tried on a couple dresses, and still made it to the bus on time.  As awesome as the price was... the two I tried on made me feel more like i was walking a red carpet than walking down the aisle.  Informal my butt......

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  1. I enjoyed reading through this week and seeing how you felt about featuring your different body favourites. I think a collar bone can be a very elegant line!

    Sorry I missed this series when you posted them - I was on vacation. I hope you post some more soon!


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